The best way in special manner about how to bathtub reglazing

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The best way for how to bathtub reglazing is following the proper and correct steps

Reglazing your bathtub is the best way for showing your attention in bathroom bathtub. I’m sure that you have got experience about bathtub glaze was worn off, or it couldn’t be brought back to the former shine. Don’t worry about this problem. You can finish it with just by reglazing your bathtub. But, the question is how to bathtub reglazing? Well, for answer that question, you should read this article, because it attempts to explain the way for reglazing the bathroom bathtub.

How to do bathtub reglazing

The first step, ensure that your plumbing is in good shape and it works properly. But, if your plumbing is not running well, it means that you must call the plumber. Unfortunately, the plumber may damage your newly how to do bathtub reglazing. So, check it first and you are allowed to progress your reglazing process. If the plumbing problem is done, the next step is removing all of the bathroom items; you have to bring your towels, toiletries and other decorative items for preventing the damaged item in reglazing process.

After that, you must check your ventilation. The bathtub needs well ventilation. It can help the reglazing project. When you have check all of this, remove your trim plumbing, it is included of overflow cap, showerhead and spout. Now, let us begin the reglazing project. You must remove all of the grout and caulking which is immediately borders your bathtub. For preventing grout and caulking from settling becoming newly applied glaze, you have to clean up the mess. Then, rinse and clean it with 120 grit sand. This way is for removing all calcium deposits and its paints. After that, dry the bathtub well.

When you have dried the tub, wash it with hydrofluoric acid. It is stood for about 15 minutes. Next is rinsing the tub with cold water, and rewash it with 120 grit sand again. And of course rinse it well again and dry it. For the next step is blowing the tub borders dry using compressor or vacuum. It is included the drain and overflow. When you blow it, ensure that nothing moisture is left. After that, mask borders of the tub using masking tape. And then, use epoxy product for painting your tub.  And your new look bathtub glaze is ready used. You can add another step for having more beautiful and attractive bathtub looking. Well, that is how to bathtub reglazing for your new bathtub.

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