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Our website is currently expanding with many new pages and we are calling out to YOU for pictures\stories of both past and present that tell the story of our wonderful city. La Historia's mission has always been to document the the story of the barrios and people who made our city what it is, so we invite you not only to click around our site but to be a part of it. We encouage you to check back regularly as we will be making many new additions.



La Historia is proud to announce the Father Colfield \ Joe Venegas Scholarship.

The purpose of this scholarship is to select one student from each of the 6 schools in the EMUHSD to receive a $100.00 award to be used towards a two-year A.A. degree, a four-year BA/BS degree, or a vocational certificate at an accredited vocational school.  Also, your story will be published in the museum’s book, “Cuentos de El Monte”.


Fr. Coffield:  Father John Coffield is a unique person an a unique priest, some may think of him in terms of being a "maverick", I prefer to think of him in terms of the Lord's words in the sermon on the Mount "Blessed are the single hearted for they shall see God".  -Rev. Kerry Beaulieu in the introduction to Father Coffield's book "Memoirs of Juanote".  
Father Coffield was an integral part in the improvement of the Barrios in El Monte.  He service to the youth of El Monte helped bring a brighter future to these children. 
Joe Venegas:  Joe Venegas was a teacher in the EMUHSD who brought his students to La Historia Society Museum to learn about their history in El Monte.



“To all you cool kids we met in class, K.I.T.”

La Historia and the Principal are asking you to dig through your stuff and share your class photos with us.

La Historia is currently collecting class photos from all El Monte\South El Monte schools, from all grades. Please gather photos and email them to photos@lahistoriasociety.org or feel free to stop by and have us scan them in for you.  Your Principal will be proud of you! Please click on the photo for more information.

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La Historia invites you to tell us your story of El Monte. For more information click here