25+ Small Home Office Ideas For Men & Women

Small Home Office Ideas – So, working in a small office does not mean that you have to sacrifice its functionality and comfort as well. there are always storage ways and solutions to make your small room looks and feel so cozy, spacious and convenient as well.

Choosing a smart design and follow some simple rules are the best keys to change your small office become a functional, beautiful and practical space. The more time that you spend on your table, then it’s very important to get a working desk which is compact and efficient.

Of course, there are always ways to maximize your small working space and get some ideas below. 

1. Go Minimalist

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This idea shows you that there is no too much stuff around the table and wall. It has white and plain wall design, with the working desk in the corner and yellow chair. Since it has a white wall, so you can choose bright colors for other ornaments here such as a desk and chair. The owner also changes the wall decoration above the desk and the fixture in a proper light level to work. 

2. White Attic Small Office

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This idea comes from the attic space which is not spacious, but you still able to decor it beautifully. This room has two big windows to let much sunlight come to your space and brighten up your space. It has a white wall, but it still has a bright tone from the chair, sofa, cabinet and other decorative items. Place the green element in the working desk. The green plant touches the room beautifully. 

3. Modern Gray Small Office

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Gray shows you with the sophisticated nuance where you can put it in your small office idea. It has a very good storage space where the working desk can be stored inside this cabinet. So, when you are not working, then your working desk hide behind it, keep your books in this store as well. Do not forget to place the fixture to light up your small room. There is a window if you want to let the natural light in. 

4. Rustic Small Office

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You can get a rustic look with this idea when you have an empty corner. Place your wooden working desk under the wooden ceiling which still exposes the natural wood element. The wooden working desk complement the rustic look, do not forget with a unique chair as well. Even the owner also displays the vintage items above the working desk. 

5. Big Window in a Small Office

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If your space is not a big issue of your home office to get into the entire room, then the possibilities were actually endless. Your space was flooded by natural light bouncing on your cream-colored piece. This home office idea was decorated with the natural tone by balancing the overflowing lightness inside – give you with more calming environment. 

6. Bright Small Office

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Space which filled up with the light and bright tone will reduce the stress by reminding you with the world outside. This small office idea was flooded with the natural light and build up with the carefully chose natural colors and details that will reset your mind anytime you working from your computer screen. You can see the wall decorative item through along the floor and layering with the leather-pattern rug. 

7. Corner Home Office 

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You are able to change a nook inside your home to become a cozy home office as a rewarding and challenging spot. The customized furniture will decide your space where anything and elements were take in its place. You can see that the additional storages in the wall are perfectly sit in this book size. Put your comfortable chair to make you feel comfortable while working. 

8. Working Under your Stair

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This idea comes with the dark, wood floor and almost black decoration will look stunning with the white walls under the staircase office. This is so versatile where you can take benefits in a space under your staircase. You can place a floating desk to hold your computer with the hanging storages as well. This small office idea lights up the dark nuance in this place. 

9. A Very Compact Office in The Hallway

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This writing desk on the image is pretty compact to fit in this space, even into your recessed alcove as well. This home office space was taken in the hallway in the white wall decoration. A wooden compact desk will complement this design with the yellow chair and images hanging on the wall. 

10. Small Workplace in Any Room

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This idea is so simple and it occupies in the part of your bedroom. When you wake up in the morning, then you may check for works directly or if you working late. The white walls complement the wooden desk with the plants to add natural elements inside your room. You can see the fixtures and windows to let the natural light during the day and fixtures will ensure that you get enough lighting in the night. 

11. Hidden Home Office

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This hidden shared home office idea can be used for two persons and hide behind the curtains which can be adjusted in any room inside your home. To make you do not feel bored while working behind the curtain, the owner get patterned wallpaper in bright color and other decorative items. Of course, if you have very limited space for a home office, then you can go with this idea. 

12. Simple Office in Your Home

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In the image, you can see the dark hardwood flooring matched perfectly with the animal pattern on the wallpaper. It shows you with stunning combination to create a compact home office design. There is a small window to let you still get the natural light as much as you need with the compact cabinet for storage. Place the photos and green elements on the working desk. 

13. Black and White Home Office

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This idea gives you the contemporary look in the black and white shade for the home office idea in the hallway inside your room. This idea also features with the chalkboard wall which is can e your perfect item for any working room as well. actually, this idea is so creative and looks so comfortable where you can explore yourself. 

14. Rustic and Modern Home Office

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This idea pretty simple goes with the white brick walls with the big windows in the middle. You can fill up the corner space with the white floating desk behind your window. This idea is pretty simple, but you still get the different vibe in this home office. 

15. Between the Rooms

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The main point of this room is its aesthetic chair as you can see in the image. This home office was placed between the rooms. So, actually, this small working space is a channel for those rooms. It is also pretty cool where you need to place a customized white cabinet and it only has a wood tile special for this home office. 

It’s highly recommended to change the mind about the physical work environment. Rather than focus on the limitation of the small home office only, then it is also important to adopt more on the philosophy that an office includes the entire facility. A small office will be more agile as well.

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