Best 15+ DIY Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas – If you are practical, but your shoe collections are so easy to out of control. Of course, you have high heels, sneakers, but what can you wear for work? How can you wear to attend party? And so on. We prefer to buy so many shoes and they can be so complicated to be stored. They are chunky and harder to store.

So, what the best way to store your shoes, sneakers, heels and so on? You need to determine a perfect storage solution for your shoe collection which is sometimes tricky as well.

There are many pro will agree that the goal must be a practice system – not to visually appealing. So, you can check these creative and stylish shoe storage ideas below. 

1. Chic Wood Shoe Storage 


This is super simple shoe storage when you do not need too much shoe collections and you usually wear them. You can place them in small wood storage in the entryway with a chair on it to make you easier when you just want to wear your shoes. This is a very simple solution with the border in the middle, means that your shoes which individually stored. 

2. DIY Shoe Rack 


It might not the best beautiful shoe rack idea that you can find them online, but it is so cheap and practices as well. you will surprise and how efficient and easy to keep your old shoes only using some tubes and glue, of course. This is very suitable for you who want to separate your spare time shoes – shoes that you want to use for gardening or other hobs than those who you always wear every day. Even you can match the tubes pallets with your wall colors as well to get a better look in your room. 

3. Wall Shoe Shelf 


Making your own shoe shelf might be time-consuming for you, however, its also good if you are skilled and have more time, you can make it one. This DIY project is good to increase hand-eye coordination. What you need to is collecting the basic materials, to ensure that your energy level rises up and start to grab your hammer and just start working on your wall. This is actually an easy project which helps you to keep your valuable shoes with more efficient and effective space without much effort. 

4. Keep them on the stairs 


You might spend thousands of dollars on the high-class interior. If you ignore the shoe storage ideas, then anything will be waste. You can imagine how it does not make sense to enter the classy and fully decorated home, then just realise that shoes just spread anywhere. Luckily, you can do something for it and make your home looks and feels better with these simple ideas and of course bring you in a kind way, you do not need to spend more as well. 

5. Vintage Stair Shelf 


If you want to get a more vintage look, then it can be your best ide. You can reuse the wood stairs with an old look to get that vintage nuance. This shelf provides you with a little extra shoe storage where you only put a few shoes that you have. Usually, shoes that you wear often. You can place it in your entryway. 

6. Inside the Stairs 


This is one of the most creative and easy ideas that you can try. You can maximize your home design by utilizing the stairs as the shoe drawers as well. So, your shoes were invisible and you can avoid any mess inside your home. you can save them into the category in each drawer. Your guests might not know that these steps also use as the shoe drawers. 

7. Folding shoe shelf 


This shelf was folding up to the extra space inside your room. This storage only gives you a little extra of shoe storage. This shelf also placed in the entryway for your ease. So this idea will never take up more space inside your home. 

8. Simple Shore Storage for All Family Member 


Adults are not the only one who takes care of anything, even storing their shoes in a more efficient way and space. Kids have to do it as well. so this idea comes up with that idea by named each drawer for all family members. If you have decided to help your little prince or princess to store their stores, so you will love this shoe storage idea which can be embedded in their closet as well. you do not need to find out with the adjacent storage space. 

9. Aesthetic Shoe Storage 


This is something for those who looking for more aesthetic shoe storage. Actually, this storage does not provide you with much storage since you are only able to put a few pairs. However, you can hang other items on it, such as hat, coats, jackets and so on. So, this is so versatile when you placed in your entryway as well. 

10. Behind The Door Shoe Storage


You can turn over the hard piece of steel pipe into the versatile shoe rack behind your door. Yes, you can and it really benefits for you at different levels. You have to pay attention to simple tutorials on how to transform an extra large steel pipe into the shoe storage option for you. of course, you can store your flats, boots, booties and sneakers here. 

11. Colorful Shoe Rack 


This rack shows you with colorful pallets, green and white in blue walls. Of course, you can place decorative items to add its appealing. There are many ways to do it, as the colorful footprints in this rack. You can keep your sneakers here and you want to set upper rack or just arrange the racks together. You can place each of them in different areas as well. 

12. Chich Shoe Shelf 


This is also a wall shoe storage idea that you can try. since it was mounted in your wall, then it does not take a lot of space inside your home. you can place your shoes here, but you might not categorize it. Place it in your entryway door or bedroom wall can be your best solution. 

13. Skateboard Shoe Storage 


Well. this is just something that you looking for if you are skateboard fans and you want it to represent your enthusiasm. Skateboards are mounted on the wall in different colors, they give your shoes with the wood base. You can place your sneaker collections here with a more aesthetic look. 

14. Shoe Ladder Idea 


If you love shoes, but you do not want to see them scattered inside your home or in the entryway, then there are many easy ways to keep your shoes and booths as well. whether you love more traditional show storage of creative ways like this shoe ladder. This idea will help you to sort down your shoes. 

15. Wooden Shoe Hanging Storage 


There are many benefits of using the wooden shoe rack. You do not have to worry to mess up your shoes, this wooden rack is something that you need to consider if you have less floor space and wall spaces available. Instead of bend down your body to put your shoes, all you have to is reaching your arm. However, you have to avoid this kind of storage for the dress shoes.

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