Refinishing bathroom vanity for getting new look

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Pay attention to the instruction of refinishing bathroom vanity, the good result comes from the process

Having old looking of bathroom vanity is not big problem. You do not must replace that old vanity with new vanity, moreover if your budget is limited enough. Then, what is the solution for that? Refinishing bathroom vanity is the best solution for yours. I’m sure you knowing that refinishing vanity project is not expensive. This project is easy to work, and you do not have to call technician to finish it, you can do it by yourself. Although it is going to spend longer time, it can pressure your money spending.

How to refinish bathroom vanity

Before you begin the refinishing process, you have to know the step how to refinish bathroom vanity first. You can ask to the expert of refinishing project, or you can find out the instruction in magazine or website. And it is your luck because this article is telling you about how to refinish your vanity bathroom with easier project.

Actually there are two important steps of refinishing bathroom vanity project, they are removing and covering. But, you should not take it easily because of the steps sound easy. Now, you have to consider all of the steps before starting your refinishing project. I believe, if you act this instruction well, the result will be proper and great. So, read this article accurately. The first step is removing your vanity doors. Like what I said before, that the primary step first is removing. You should remove the doors of vanity for taking hinges off. Remember, it is better when you number your vanity door hinges with pencil or masking tape for ensuring that you set them back later in right place.

After that, you can cover your working area by drop cloths to keep your bathroom surface. It is to save it from spills and drips. If you do not have plastic drop or tarp for protecting your surface, you can use old tablecloth. The next step is cleaning your vanity. You can clean it by sanding. If you have finished this process, you must wipe your vanity to remove the entire sanding grit traces. After that, now you can begin to varnish your old bathroom vanity. This refinishing bathroom vanity process needs the good concentration for getting good result.

If you have refinished your vanity, wait it until really dry, and then you can put it back to the right place with the hinges.

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