Best 25+ Pergola Ideas for The Backyard

Pergola Ideas – Pergola is a part of the home exterior that functions as the shade or protector for sunshine and rain. Slightly, it is quite similar to the canopy. The difference is placed on the connection with the main home.

Yes, commonly, a canopy is built by merging it with the home. Many pergola ideas are now available around. The materials used are varied starting from wood, tiles, and even vines.

Sure, it is much better if the pergola design is adjusted from the home design in general. For more inspirations, here are some pergola ideas to try.

1. Modern Pergola Ideas from Wood and Home Fabrics


For you who are interested to apply something minimalist and clean even in your home exterior, this idea is worth to try. It is by building a small room made from wood that is quite open. Some parts can be formed from the sunshine. Meanwhile, some others are just simply opened. To sweeten this idea as well as to protect people in it more, home fabrics are added on the ceiling part.

2. Natural Pergola Ideas with Plywood and Vines


It is so great to deepen the sense of green and natural in the pergola. Moreover, it is by remembering that this semi-permanent building is placed in the garden. A simple pergola can be formed from woods or bamboos that are arranged. Then, you can grow some vines on it. If it is not enough to shade you in it, a kind of plywood can be added.

3. Coarse Wooden Ideas for Rustic Pergola


Modern and minimalist design is not the only thing to apply in a modern pergola. Some old idea is really stunning as well particularly if you don’t want to spend too much time for painting and varnishing. You can use coarse woods as the main materials. They are woven as the ceiling and some vines are added. Sure, a similar idea is also applied in the furniture.

4. Minimalist Pergola with Infrequent Sunshade Ceiling


The main function of a pergola is indeed to protect anyone who is in it. however, for the aesthetic reason, you can also make it not exactly like that. The idea of infrequent sunshade ceiling is one of them. The ceiling is not too dense so that practically it cannot protect you from sunshine. Sure, you can apply more materials including plants, fabrics, or anything else to achieve its main purpose.

5. Permanent Wooden Pergola  for Classic Exterior


A classic house commonly has a big yard around and pergola is a part of it. Sure, you should not make it look too plain or simple. The permanent wooden idea can be chosen. The pergola can be designed as well as possible to meet the classical or antique design. With classic furniture and chandelier in it, it can be the best place to relax while enjoying the landscape around.

6. Round Wooden Pergola with Coastal Nuance


No matter how fun it is to play with the beach water, sometimes, all you want to do is only staying in a shady place. The next pergola idea is such a building with a coastal nuance. It is not different from other types of the pergola, in general.

The use of hardwood as the materials simply makes it look really beautiful. Meanwhile, if the common pergola is square, you can try other shapes. Well, the round is one of them. In the end, beautify it more with curtains and cushions.

7. PVC Roof for Modern Pergola Ideas


It has been said above that you basically can apply any type of materials for your pergola. One of them is PVC that is commonly used for the roof. For some reasons, thin PVC sheet is enough to still give you the sense of being in an outdoor area. This idea is also recommended if you have a plan to grow some plants in it. In fact, some types of plants still need sunshine even only for a little bit.

8. Dense Wooden Pergola for Planting


Although the main function of a pergola is indeed for protecting you while sitting down inside, this area are also often used to grow some particular plants. If the plants there don’t need too much intensity of sunshine, all you need to do is building a pergola with dense wooden. It is to replace other materials like thin PVC. Sure, you can still place a kind of outdoor furniture there. While being tired of planting, sitting down a while is a good solution.

9. Modern-Traditional Pergola Ideas with Sago Palm Leaves


The combination of modern and traditional concepts is never a bad idea. So, you can just try it in your pergola by applying sago palm leaves as the roof. Meanwhile, other parts of the building still keep being modern with minimalist designs and furniture inside. This idea is recommended for pergola located in the coastal areas. For the lovers of tropical garden, it fits well also.

10. Floral Pergola for a More Fairy-Tale Look


The protectors of a pergola are often made from leaves, vines, and green plants. Well, do you know that some flowers are also parts of those vines? Sure, you can plant them on the pergola for a more fairy-tale look. What are the flowers to be applied there? They are Mandevilla, Flame of Irian, Petrea Volubilis, Dipladenia, Morning Glory, and more. when they have bright colors contrasting with the leaves, it is much better for sure.

11. Pergola-Canopy Design with Vines


Some types of the pergola are very similar to the canopy in term of design. However, they are placed not attached to the home although they are really close to each other. The material is from PVC and some vines are added to beautify it more. Not to forget, the wooden pieces as the structure can improve its design also.

12. Metal Pergola with Unique Design for a Modern Exterior


Do you want your pergola more permanent? Well, this idea can be realized through the application of metal materials. They are basically designed just like conventional sunshine. Then, some unique details are added to improve its modern and futuristic look. Make sure to provide a kind of metal furniture to fit this idea more. Grow some green plants in it to refresh the atmosphere.

13. Minimalist White Pergola Next to the Pool


Undeniably, around a pool is the best area to build up a pergola. The reason is clear; it is as a place to take a rest after swimming. The design should be prepared more anyway but the minimalist one is the most recommended. Particularly, it is if the pool and exterior themselves are using modern and contemporary design.

14. Unique Pergola with Ornamented Glass


For an outdoor area that is surrounded by the indoors at home, using elements commonly used for indoor is recommended. One of them is by applying ornamented glasses. The glasses are often used for windows and ornaments anyway. The patterns applied on the glasses should be in darker colors. They are functioned as the sunshade for sure.

15. Canopy-Like Pergola from Dried Palm Leaves


This is another modern-traditional design that applies the palm leaves. The difference is that the leaves are designed as neat as possible to make it similar to a modern canopy. To support this idea more, furniture and exterior ornaments made from wood, bamboo, and the likes are recommended. It becomes the best place for mind refreshing for sure.

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