25+ Cheap DIY Walkway Ideas for your Front Yard & Backyard

Cheap DIY Walkway Ideas – The walkway in your home is more than just an area to walk from the sidewalk into your home or another building. It is also an important part for your beautiful landscape in your back or front yard as well.  Just like the driveway, there is no one can avoid getting the walkway.

Since it is very important, you might want to make it as beautiful as possible. there are many walkway ideas and designs that you can use as a reference as well. Even if you have the setting for home apart, there are many things are also important to consider.

Of course, a walkway in your front door is the first thing that your guest see, so it’s a great idea to make a good first impression. 

1. Brick Walkway 

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The simplicity comes from this stone walkways and this garden popular design allow you to combine and decorate it as much as you like. This ideas also creates incredible landscaping ideas for a walkway that you need. This walkway idea will help you to maximize your cleaning project in the next spring. This idea is perfect for your green garden with a natural atmosphere. 

2. Walkway Across the Pond

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If you have separated areas in your home and you love the natural scenery. Then you can go with this idea. The rooms were separated by the natural-style pond and the walkways just situated in the middle of the pond to go to another area. It gives you a deeper forest scenery like you are in the middle of the jungle. however, you need more maintenance since the wood and pond materials here. 

3. Brick Paver Walkway

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If you have the down path on your house, it might be useful to make a sloped walkway like the stairs. This idea is so simple. It looks like a big step of stairs with the brick paver materials in the edges. The red color in the middle is perfect among the green scenery around this walkway. If you live in the high land, then this idea can be your best idea. 

4. Clean Look Walkway Idea

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Your guest will no doubt to stay longer when they are walking in your concrete path which combines with wide accents as well. You will be proud when every morning as you depart and back to your home and knowing that you have created a great experience of your own worth sharing as well.  

5. Flagstone Walkway Idea

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It might be better than the stamped concrete idea. Stepping stone walkways are easy and fast to make, especially if you are going to pas the grass. All you need is placing stones and you can use them as the stencil in order to cut the grass surround them. so, you need to let a tiny distance between the stones to get a more distance and you can make the similar look. The best stone steps are usually come from with two inches thick or more.

6. Crushed Stone with Yellow and Green Landscaping

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Crushed tones walkway can be decorated according to your personal taste. A good decoration will help you to get the ambiance of the inhabitants for your happiness. Even crushed stone walkway ideas could sweeten your home decoration as well since it gives you with beautiful effect. This idea also come with green and yellow landscaping. They have same tones and crushed stone paths in the middle of this beautiful area. 

7. Round Pavers

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The circulate concrete stones were laid off above the ground. The border of the curved pathway placed in the middle of grass field. This idea is actually come with round stepping stones which spread in whole of the yard and create the path and the best place to practice the hopping skills. You will love this look on your home since its pretty simple to make. 

8. Walkway for Small Garden

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Not all gardens were ideally square or rectangle, sometimes they are in a weird shape, especially for urban locations. A great thing about the cohesive gained is that they are so easy to manage. This small garden has the feature which is so classy and still colorful. But, it is highly depending on your available space, you have to decide on how formal that your garden will look. the curved garden edging can be a hard option, but this is also a simple effect that you can recreate as well. the city garden needs a careful planning but it’s still able to transform into the wonderful space. 

9. Wooden Walkway Idea

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This idea is so unique, you can make the wooden walkways from the wood slices. You do not have to spend much money for this idea. Since this is an beautiful alternative for affordable option. So, whenever you cut a tree, then you can make the tree slice walkway. This beautiful rustic garden was made from the wood slices. To avoid the rot, you need to coat them with the proofer with water-based on both sides of those wooden slices. 

10. Slate Walkway

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Slate is one of the most incredible walkway material since they do not absorb the water and even do not affect by the direct sunlight – of course, they can stand up for the extreme seasons. Usually, slate has the smooth color tones which work nicely with most of landscapes inside your garden or yard. 

11. Black Square Walkway

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It is also a great idea if you only have a small garden in front or back yard. The square pathways are set on that way to give more spacious feeling. If you arrange them just in one line and straight, it will make your garden looks so narrow. This design is so easy to work in any small garden. 

12. Rectangular Walkway

This is also another idea if you have a small garden in your backyard but it still gives you with a natural look. This idea using the recycled tiles and place it in the middle of garden. You still can see the tiles matches with the rest tiles on it. This is cost-effective ideas if you do not know how to reuse or recycle your tiles. 

13. Stamped Concrete Walkway

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The stamped concrete is very innovative and new way to design your landscape. You can get concrete which resembles the look of brick, but they do not have the same substances. It sill concrete which is so long lasting and strong. 

14. All White Steps

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Of course, this idea just perfect for your small garden. If you choose a classic white contemporary look, then this idea will complement your home design. It also has a classic white tone for the steps in the middle of your small garden. 

15. Natural Stone Walkways

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This idea goes so well if you have a spacious garden and need to get higher location within your garden. It can be used as the natural stone stairs and perfect for BBQ party here.

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