Distressed Bathroom Vanity for Small Bathroom

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Distressed Bathroom Vanity for Small Bathroom Ideas

Having a small room always make us confused to choose and place the furniture. Many people give up on this kind of room so they just abandon it without placing too much furniture. As the result, the room looks so messy and has no beauty at all. One of the small rooms in house is bathroom. We often feel reluctant to choose what furniture fits this small room. Well, to deal with small bathroom, a distressed bathroom vanity is what you have to have. Here are many choices of bathroom vanities you can choose.

The first kind of distressed bathroom vanity is the one with classic look. This vanity is painted white with classic detail. It has eight drawers with two main doors in the middle of it. For a classic bathroom, this one is the best ever. It will look stunning inside a classic room. On the vanity, you can put an oval mirror with classic frame. The vanity has one sink on it so it is really useful for a small bathroom.

If your bathroom is a modern one, then the one which fits the modern idea is an elegant distressed vanity with double sink. This one looks so luxurious with elegant soft color. In the middle of those two sinks, you can hang a mirror with modern frame. It has three drawers in the middle and four main doors in the left and right part. Inside this vanity, you can put anything you want. So, your bathroom will not look messy. Since this vanity has a bigger size than the first one, when you are about to put it in your small bathroom, you have to put it smartly in order not to make the room looks too crowded.

Distressed bathroom vanity cabinets

The last distressed bathroom vanity cabinets is very different and unique. This vanity has a unique color which is painted manually by hand. Besides color, its detail is so traditional. This vanity will be very suitable to put in a country bathroom paired with rustic wooden flooring. This is the smallest compared to the other two. It just has two doors without drawers. But, it can still store your things inside it so you don’t need to worry about the capacity of this vanity. On the top of it, a single marble sink in elegant brown lies so beautifully. Looking at this vanity will remind you of many epic movies with unique properties. With this distressed bathroom vanity, your bathroom will be stunning for sure.

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5 Photos of the Distressed Bathroom Vanity for Small Bathroom