Your Bathroom Remodel Cost Estimator

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Have headache thinking about the budget remodeling? You can use this estimation price as your bathroom remodel cost estimator.

Figuring budget for bathroom remodel can be difficult task. You want the general idea of the cost before you talk the next step with the designer, contractor or retailers. If we know the estimation price before we can compare the actual price and the professional suggest to you. it will help you to plan the budget vigorously. There are some articles that previously give you average cost for bathroom remodeling, but all of the professional can not really calculate the cost of every possible combination. The better way is to use bathroom remodel cost estimator to get a ballpark figure about your general bathroom plan. Then step down into each bathroom component that you need, choose the features and products you want.

Bathroom remodel cost estimator diy

Consider the NKBA statement about remodeling cost, this article will help you as bathroom remodel cost estimator diy and determine what your budget should be. For full remodel bathroom you can spend around $7,000 to $13,000 and for half bathroom remodel costs $3,500 to $5,000. Some bathrooms are need for addition space because it was too small. For addition space you can spend $70 to $120 per square foot. The next is flooring, the right choice of tile can make your bathroom look a lot better. You can use vinyl or laminate floor if you want the low price. Consider using stone or marble, this tile is generally expensive. With high estimation you can spend $3,652 for flooring and its installation. Replacing the shower is the big part of remodeling bathroom. You can choose the new bathtub or shower with considering the price, quality and style. The standard shower will cost around $1,000 meanwhile large customized shower might reach more than $5,000.

Storage or cabinets installation will reach $6,600. You want to remodel the toilet? You might found the standard two piece toilet in cheap price. On average, you will spend around $541 to buying the toilet and having it installed. But you can add some style with modern model with heated seat toilet for $1,000 or more. For new sink, the cost with professional installer will fall somewhere between $2,334 and $3,456.

Those are price can be used as your bathroom remodel cost estimator. You can tell where your budget will go and If you are working with some contractor and tell that the contractor can remodel your bathroom in certain price, you should ask some questions how the will handle the project.

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