25+ Towel Rack Ideas for Your Small Bathrooms

Towel Rack Ideas – There are a lot of towel rack designs available to opt out there. However, picking up the rightest design can be very tricky. In particular, for those who only have a small space for a bathroom.

But, with the right trick, you can have a stylish towel rack in your bathroom. The rack will not only become a perfect place where you can store your towels but also upgrade your bathroom design.

Just take a look at the following towel racks ideas to help you find the perfect design that will be suitable the most with your need. 

1. Simple Eclipse Towel Rack

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This towel rack comes with a simple eclipse shape. Being made of solid metal, the rack can be hung steadily on your bathroom wall. Meanwhile, the silver color of the rack will be perfect with whatever color you pick up for your bathroom design. You can use put your towels in the middle of the rack and hang them vertically. This will only consume a little part in your bathroom and practical.

2. Chic Glass Towel Rack

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It is a chic towel rack where you can place 7 to 8 towels at once. By installing the rack on the wall, you will be able to free more spaces in your bathroom for other items. The towel rack also comes with a fancy combination of glass and metal.

The neutral color of the rack will make it easier for you to match it with whatever design you choose for your bathroom. There is also a place just under the rack where you can hang two more towels after you use them.

3. Rustic Towel Rack

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This towel rack design will be perfect the most for you who love “back to nature” design. This rack comes with a rustic style to add character to your bathroom design. Not only simple and lovely, but you can also create the rack by yourself.

You only need a board and cut it into some pieces. To make it looks more natural, you can keep the original color of the boards used to make the rack. Hang the rack on your wall to allow you to provide more spaces in your bathroom.

4. Golden Circle Towel Rack

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If you think that hanging towel rack with rectangular shape is too conventional, you can try this circle towel rack. Instead of using boards, this rack uses circle metals with gold colors. The design is not only gorgeous, but it can also a perfect way to store your towels in a small bathroom. Just hang your towels on the circles and look at how items will beautify your bathroom design.

5. Bending Towel Rack

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Instead of using walls, this towel rack is attached on a door. This will be a perfect idea for you who do not want to use hammer and nails on your walls. 

6. Line-in-Line Metal Towel Rack

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This towel rack is so simple but functional. The design will make it possible for you to hang a lot of towels at the same time. The metal used to create the rack also makes it looks steady and durable.

7. Minimalist Vertical Towel Rack

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This is very important to make use every inch of space available in your small bathroom. This towel rack design will be a perfect example. Instead of using horizontal style, this rack uses vertical design so you can save a lot of spaces in your bathroom. In addition, the white color used for the bathroom and the rack makes the room looks more spacious than its actual size.

8. Black Line Towel Rack

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If you choose neutral colors such as white and grey for your bathroom, this black line towel rack will be a nice addition to the room. It has a simple but artistic design that will be a perfect place to hang your towels in a stylish way. The design comes with some hooks installed for you to hang the towels. This is very practical and you will not need a lot of spaces to install the rack. 

9. Rustic Wooden Towel Rack

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This is another towel rack that comes with rustic design. The style of the rack looks in contrast to the modern design of the bathroom. However, it makes the overall design of the room looks more fantastic somehow.

To create harmony, you can paint the wall where you hang the rack with natural colors such as soft yellow. Aside from towels, you can also place bathing items such as shampoo and soaps on the rack.

10. Close-to-Nature Towel Rack

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This towel rack design will bring your bathroom closer to nature. It uses woodcuts with two different sizes to provide adequate space to keep your towels. The boards used to make the rack are also furnished by using natural colors.

The rack is not only functional but it also becomes the focal point of the bathroom. The natural brown color of the rack helps to create a statement in bathroom dominated with white color. The wooden towel rack also makes the room looks warmer and more lively.

11. Removable and Minimalist Towel Rack

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Do you adore minimalist design? If you do, this towel rack will be a good choice for you. It comes with minimalist and modern design that will look gorgeous in your bathroom. Being made of solid metals, this rack is exceptionally durable and steady. The major plus of the towel rack is that it is removable. In this way, you will be able to move the rack easier whenever you need it.

12. Wooden Pillar Towel Rack

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If you have a “back to nature” design for your bathroom, this towel rack will be a perfect addition to it. Instead of using walls to install the towel rack, you can use a wooden pillar to keep your towels. You can install some metal hooks on the pillar to allow you to hang the towel. It is not only practical but also becomes a great way to help you make the most out of your towel rack design.

13. Simple and Mini Towel Rack

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This design will be perfect the most for you who do not need to keep a lot of towels in your bathroom. The rack has a small size that will not need a large space to hang it. However, the design will still allow you to keep several towels at ease. This simple towel rack is made of metal for durability reason. 

14. Removable Towel Rack

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If you take a brief look, you might think that it is simply a ladder, not a towel rack. Yep! This towel rack comes with a special design that makes it looks like a ladder leaning on a wall. With relatively thin woods used in the design, you will find it very easy to move the rack whenever it is necessary. Meanwhile, the metals used to hang the towel give the rack a steady look.  

15. Wooden Towel Rack with Drawers

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If you need a place in your bathroom where you can store a lot of items at once, this towel rack will be one of the perfect choices. The rack comes with drawers where you can keep items such as soaps, shampoos, or lotions.

There is also space just under the rack where you can hang your towels to dry them. This wooden towel rack will look good even if your bathroom has a modern design.

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