Thomasville Bathroom Vanities for Your Elegant Bathroom

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Thomasville Bathroom Vanities Reviews

Thomasville bathroom vanities always offer many styles of bathroom vanities which will fit any kind of bathroom ideas. With these bathroom vanities, you can storage many of your things inside it. So, your bathroom will not look messy. Besides, the styles and look of those Thomasville vanities will also beautify the bathroom. The room will look so elegant with those vanities inside. There are many choices you can pick for your bathroom. But here are two which are recommended for you. They are the plaza cherry cinnamon, Blakely maple cranberry vanity and Ashton maple natural vanity.

The first one, plaza cherry cinnamon, is a vanity which is suitable for a classic bathroom idea. This kind of vanity has an elegant look and a beautiful color fitting a classic or a country bathroom. The combination of

Oak, cherry and maple wood produces a beautiful vanity with dark brown which will be very stunning to put in a classic bath room. Moreover, if you install a classic chandelier with the same color as the vanity, the bathroom will look even more terrific.

Thomasville bathroom vanities home depot

The second type is Blakely maple cranberry. This thomasville bathroom vanities home depot has a more modern look. So, this will be nice to put in a modern or contemporary bathroom. It is made from maple and cherry wood. It has five pieces of drawers that are ready to store your things. Among those drawers, this thomasville bathroom vanities has a central panel which is made from solid wood completed with paux insert. The model and dark color will make your bathroom looks more elegant. In the middle of it, you can hang an elegant mirror to complete your room.

The last thomasville bathroom vanities that is recommended is Ashton maple natural vanity. If you like something with natural color this vanity is what you are looking for. This will fit both classic and modern bathroom. So, if someday you redecorate your bathroom become a modern or a classic one, this vanity will be still suitable. This vanity which is made of cherry and maple has a beautiful natural color. Its front drawers are the kind of slab standard one. This vanity can be mated with large mirror with classic look. Although the vanity itself looks natural, but it can be nice if paired with a mirror with dark colored frame. This vanity will keep your bathroom clean and tidy. Besides, it will make the room looks so amazing as well.

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5 Photos of the Thomasville Bathroom Vanities for Your Elegant Bathroom