Best 15+ DIY Swing Set Ideas for Kids

DIY Swing Set Ideas – As parents, you always looking for the safest and fun activities to fill up the summer days or help your kids to burn off their energy.

For more than one century, the American families were flocked into the public playgrounds which been equipped with slides, swings and climbing features for kids in order to improve their motoric skills and social skills as well.

Sometimes, the public playgrounds are too far from your home – loading and unloading your kids from the car can make your short trip into the hours. Or you just need something which makes your kids keep busy for 30 minutes when you are eating together. That’s why many families invest in swingset in the down-scaled version. 

1 DIY Tire Swing

ella claire via pinterest

It was super easy and quick to get the spent tire from your local discount shops. They offer you with a list of recycling places that you can choose. Ensure that you choose the tire which is clean, thickness, medium weight, and sturdy to make the tire swing for your kids, it should be safe for your kids. When you buying the tires, usually it is pretty welcome to bring your old tires along. This idea can be your next holiday project and make your kids happy as well. 

2. Trampoline and Swing



This is a great idea to makes your little one keep busy by exploring the swing set. It should be made with the hardwood construction since it can be used by three kids at the same time. It has a trampoline in the middle, the swing and the hanging to improve their motoric skills. If you have a big enough yard, then you can try this idea with proper installment. 

3. DIY Tree Swing 


The best part about this idea is only cost you around $10 since all you need is a piece of wood and a rope of course. It takes a less than one hour to make this tree swing and it will look so cute as well. You can start with the wood piece with the size that you need. This idea gives you a size for two kids. It takes a long time when you make it a little longer swing with the rustic look. ensure that the edges not too sharp so it is safe for your kids. 

4. Wood Piece Swing 


This idea is one of the easiest projects that you can try to make. However, it might not pretty save for toddlers under 5 years old. This idea only has one robe in the middle means that they have to hold the rope to swing out. So they do not get enough balance, it’s highly recommended for older kids who have stable with their balance skill. All you need is the wood piece and one rope. 

5. Chic Boho Swing 


This boho swing is so easy to install and it is really comfortable that you can hang indoors and outdoors as well. However, if you hang it outdoor, then it would not last long since the fabric exposed by extreme weathers such as rain, hot days and so on. This boho also has a deep pocket so your kid can nestle inside and swing all day. 

6. Chair Swing 


Building a simple wood chair swing is so easy and it entertains a whole of your family for many hours. But, there are some aspects that you have to calculate first, before starting your DIY project. Ensure that you have quality lumber if you want to get a professional result. This project needs a simple woodworking project, so actually, anyone who has a basic woodworking skill can make this project. There are so many designs that you can choose as this image attached. 

7. Chair Three Swing 


If you have old wooden chairs, then you can turn them into this beautiful swing. Kids and even adults will love this swing and if you have some chairs, you are able to make a swing for your whole family like this image. You will need the sturdy rope and you want to choose for the sturdy tree as well. 

8. Motorbike Swing 


If your kid loves a motorbike, then you can go with this idea. You might have an old motorbike with the sturdy frame, then you can choose this idea to make your kid happy all day. It only uses one rope in the middle and has a comfy seat on the back. Ensure that the rope is safe to hold the motorcycle and your kid. 

9. Easy Wood Swing 


This is also an easy swing project that you can try. So many images that you find on the internet for tree swings, then there are some best swing series which bring you with the best resolution. However, this idea shows you that your swing is not always attached into a garden, you can attach it in your veranda. This idea has two swings and uses the wood pieces as the base with the four ropes on each swing. Ensure that you tied them up in a strong frame. 

10. Cozy Tire Swing 


This idea has the nested style is the best way to make a tire swing safe for your younger kids who might fall down in the middle of the tire. Not only this tire swing was safe and fun for your kids, but it is also so comfortable for adults as well. You can sit in this swing with the book during summer days, lightly swinging and just relax on it. 

11. Swinging on the chairs


This idea is so beautiful and this hanging chair swing is tied up in the shady tree. This swing set was perfect for family swing where each family member can sit on it. You can feel the fresh air since these swings situated under a big tree. So, if you have a big tree in your backyard, then you can use this idea. 

12. Colored-Wood Swing via pinterest

It has the same concept with the single wood piece and one rope in the middle. This is a very simple idea that you can try. ensure that your kid is old enough to play around with this swing as it only has one single holder. Attach it in your sturdy tree and they will have fun with it. 

13. Easy DIY backyard swings 


This package is the stand-alone swing set that you can try. It will be clearly going to be easier to build rather than the full playset. If you want to make something fun for your family but you still need a simple building for any reason – then you can use this plan. You might find out what you have been looking for. 

14. Horse Riding Swing 


This horse tree swing is perfect for toddlers. It was safe and fun to trigger any young girls or boy imagination. The handler bar was shaped just like the horse head making it is so fun for kids to be hold and use. The soft rounding in all edges of this swing will make it feels comfortable to use. 

15. Simple Tires Swing 


This technique is so simple to hang your tire swing that you ever know. You can use this idea if you want to make it for your all family members. There is no complex screwing involved and you only need to get simple rope work.

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