Best 15+ Cute Shared Room Ideas for Girls & Boys

Shared Room Ideas – If you are planning to design a shared room, you want to make the roommates feel happy and comfortable inside. You can keep reading this article to find out helpful ideas to inspire in your searching to make a beautiful and functional shared room for your kids.

The shared room for siblings is the best place for their needs and activities inside. It means that there are many things to be handled by parents when come to make the shared rooms for their kids.

Here some creative shared room designs and ideas for your references. Ensure that you also provide the space, storage, and individual style. 

1. You Can Go Old School Setting 


The symmetrical design has long been used as the easiest shared space option for good reasons. The symmetric provides them with natural balancing and appealing sense as well. there are many things will look good in pair and when you need two things, then the symmetrical approach actually makes sense. You can place the drawer and one fixture in the middle of the bedrooms. Of course, you can put their initials in each bedroom. Black and white nuance is perfect for boy rooms. 

2. You Can Think Outside the Box


When comes to arrange the siblings shack up, then space is always premium. You can place the side-by-side bedrooms to get a different arrangement than the conventional design. Placing the beds against the single wall opens will give them with the bigger space to play. 

3. Shared from for Toddler and Baby


Putting your older child and baby in the same space can be an incredible way to save space, building their bond from the start and hopefully, you can set up the sleep routines for both little ones. If you considering to get this idea, then you can resemble that space. This idea shows you how the single bed can work so well with the cot in order to make a soothing atmosphere for babies and toddlers. 

4. Head to Head Idea


You can set the beds into the head to head setting just like the image. If you only have a small space, it can be your best idea. This setting place the beds in the corner where they can face each other when sleeping. Of course, this arrangement provides them with more space to play around. 

5. Mellow Yellow Ideas 


Well, grey and yellow are popular color scheme when making a shared room for a girl and a boy. The neutral colors also allow you to bring some black and white as well. In this soothing space, the decorative items above the bed and cit add more personal touches on both sleeping areas while the patterned bedding makes them unite. 

6. Secret Room Idea


This shared room is beautiful for your girls. When this idea like their beds just in a secret place where no one hard to find them. This space also gives them more privacy and perfect for small space as well. the ornamented rugs and bed patterns add more personal style. The bright steps also make this space looks cheerful. 

7. Black and Orange Palettes


Bunk bed still used as a popular option when parents come to make the shared bed space. The black and orange palettes here give this space with warmer nuance when combining with the neutral palette like light brown. Bunk bed also save your space the most since you still able to put furniture inside. Provide your kids with the playground space. 

8. Give Them with a Little Privacy


Anyone needs to be alone sometimes, then cubbies or this bed solution will give them more personal space where they can be alone with their own thoughts. If These two separated units give each child with the bunk and their personal storage. Even you can provide the tables on each side to provide them a space to study and more personal space. 

9. Benk Buds with Storages


Of course, this idea also a perfect solution for a small shared bed for your kids. The bunk beds provide them with so many storages under the bed and the footsteps as well.  To avoid any cluster or mess inside their small room, so they can keep their stuff inside. This room also has two tables where each child also gets their personal table. 

10. Kids Room with Storage Ideas


This idea gives you with bets storage solution in a small space. The beds were so comfortable with the drawers and storages under each bed. They can keep their toys, clothes, shoes, or other items inside, so this room is clutter free. Still, they have a playground space as well. gray bed setting blend so well with the white walls and white storages. 

11. Blue and Gray Palettes


If you look at the image, you will see that this shared room does not have a spacious space inside. You cannot place the beds into the corners against each other, you just need to put the beds in a symmetrical arrangement. You can put a small table behind the beds to save space. Each wall shows their personal characters with the hanging decorative items. Gray and blue colors here blend together along with the same tone rugs. 

12. Pink and Blue Palettes


Designing a shared room for a sister and brother should not be challenging for you. it might be the easiest challenge to address when you planning a shared room. The first step is choosing the underlying color tone for the main elements inside their space which is gender neutral like white. When choosing the furniture, then you have to choose the piece with clean lines and non-themed at all. Then paired them with other neutral tones such as bedding color, window, and lamps. The best part of making this fun bedroom is matching the room with their budding characteristics. 

13. Purple Girl Room


This idea adapts one purple tone as the basic. You can see the purple wall and purple rug as the focal points here. then each bed arrangement has its own personalities and different throw pillows with its own initials. The purple and white is the perfect combination for girls room. 

14. Shared Room for Little Adventurers


If you have a theme on your mind, then it is the best way to implement in their room. This adventure theme makes their shared room as their best place to feel like they are on an adventure along with the adventure items on the walls. The black and white walls like give them two different nuance and cozy beds. 

15. Shared Room for Different Ages 


The first thing that you have to know is the layout of your furniture. Making the playing area which can be enjoyed by both siblings, even at the same time is so helpful actually. The cushions, floor mats, or even the slider is perfect to outline the area and fun to play. You can place the toys in the container which is easy to access.  

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