Rustico Vessel Sink Vanity Base by Ambella Home: Unique and Trending Option for Nowadays Bathroom

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All talking about vessel sink vanity base

When talking about vessel sink vanity base, it is actually also interesting for us to talk about Rustico Vessel Sink Chest which is sold officially by Ambella Home. Just like the impression lies inside the name of it, basically this sink chest can be said to be made in rustic design. Even so, unlike any other usual rustic design, the main thing the manufacturer tries to show in this product is rustic with copper as the main material. Of course, this sink base is not really made with all copper material because some other materials are still needed in order to make it stands and functions properly, such as the hardwood, brass, and also travertine materials.

Rustico is really a premium product of vessel sink vanity base. Of course the cause of this is the use of only high quality material in the production of it. Besides, the vanity base is also completed with a lot of unique design to make it look both prettily unique and also traditional. The example of the details in the design can be seen so clearly in the knobs applied to open the storage space located under the drawer. These knobs are special because there are all made from copper material.

Other than this, the design applied to these knobs are special too because it is completed with special carving. This is definitely the one that adds more traditional value in the overall design of the vanity base. Talking about the storage space inside this vanity base, there is actually an interesting thing you have to know. It is that the drawer it has is not only a decorative accent because it is functional. This is cause by the plumbing cut out which is already included in the drawer.

Rustico vessel sink vanity base

Rustico vessel sink vanity base is sold separately with the vessel sink as well as the faucet. If you want to make the look of this vanity base to be better as a furniture as well as decoration inside your bathroom area, you can also purchase a matching mirror which is sold separately too. The pretty design this rustic vanity base has makes it suitable to be placed in any bathroom interior design. The most important thing is that copper, which is the base material of it, is a trending material too this year. This material then will of course keep your bathroom design up to date.

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