Purchasing newest Bathroom Etagere

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Having the great bathroom etagere for facilitating your activity in bathroom is good living

I’m sure that your bathroom needs etagere for placing your bathing supplies. As like we know, bathroom is the second crucial place at the home. We can’t override this room because of our need here. In other hand, we spend much time also in bathroom. We need bathing, dressing or making up. Then, for our comfy when we are doing activity in the bathroom, we must facilitate our bathroom with the best furniture for supporting our necessary day to day. Therefore, one of the important furniture to be applied on bathroom is bathroom etagere. It is very primary because of its function. Actually, there are two kind of etagere for your bathroom; it is wall etagere and standing etagere. You can choose based on wha you need. Make sure that you have enough space for placing standing etagere. But, if you are hesitant about your space, you can select wall etagere. It will be never overcrowding your bathroom.

Bathroom etagere ikea

I have some recommended bathroom etagere ikea to be chosen. The first is Monaco etagere. It is made of stainless steel with nickel color domination. It has double lever and each level has pattern 10 x 6 inches. Because of this etagere is wall model, so you can place it in every part of your bathroom. It is enough for putting your bathing supplies. And, it is completed by towel bar under second level of this. So, have this etagere with $63.36 only.

For the second recommended bathroom etagere ikea is space-saver etagere. This etagere is made of real wood, that is mahogany wood. The white dominated color is inspiring your bathroom. It is standing etagere, so you can put it above your closet. It helps you to take your necessary easily. This etagere consists of two levels. The first level is like table with measurement around 12 x 9 inches. You can put your flower vas or your accessory in this rack level. Then, the second level is storage cabinet with open back doors. It is safety for storage your towel or your bathing supplies. Don’t forget to add real flowers beside this etagere. It is beckoning your room. For having this bathroom etagere ikea, you need $107.44 only.

You can combine your bathroom etagere with your desire dream furniture. It is better when you combine it with blend concept between your bathroom idea and the etagere. You are never leaving your bathroom because of the relaxed feeling.


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