25+ Small Playroom Ideas for Girls and Boys

Small Playroom Ideas – In certain places like kindergartens or elementary schools, the presence of a playroom is really needed. Sure, it is basically a place where the kids are able to play with the educative toys provided by the schools.

It is necessary if houses with kids provide this area also. the playroom can just be placed along with their bedroom. However, it is not bad to prepare a special room that is directly connected to the bedroom.

A playroom should also be designed well so that the kids just like to stay there longer. Moreover, there are some playroom ideas that may inspire you. So, check them out.

1. A Large Playroom Idea with Light Colors Combination

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This idea is perfect to be applied at school indeed. But sure, if you have enough space for it, prepare a special room for this necessity is a good idea. With a large area, you can put more items there. Even if the children’s toys are quite big, they will not spend the space too much. Meanwhile, the light colors are to make the nuance inside more cheerful.

2. Colorful Playroom Ideas with a Large Blackboard

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Since this room is intended for kids, it is necessary to make it as cheerful as possible. Sure, it is not a difficult thing to make a playroom more cheerful than before. It is by applying colorful things starting from the floor, wall decorations, and furniture. One more thing, there should also be a blackboard as a medium to educate them more.

3. The NBA-Theme Playroom for Boys at Home

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So do you have a feeling that your son will be a talented basketball player later? To support his talent, a kind of playroom ideas with an NBA theme can be chosen. So, the entire floor can just be designed just like a basketball court. Then, there are other tools and equipment for basketball to install including the basket itself. Sure, you can still add more toys there if the boy wants.

4. The Animal-Theme Playroom with Cute Furniture

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In a case that the playroom will be placed inside the bedroom, this idea is necessary to choose. Kids below 8 years old tend to love animals so much. So, why don’t you apply this idea? Aside from making the bedroom look cuter and more beautiful, this idea also adds their knowledge more regarding the animals and their habitats.

5. Playroom Ideas with Nice Decorations for Children and Toddlers

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Let’s say you have two or more children with the age gap around 4 or 5 years old. So, when one of them has been considered a child, another one is still a toddler or even a baby. The best thing you can do is preparing a playroom that can be used for both of them. Not only you may need to prepare 2 types of toys, but also the decorations should also be intended for both.

6. Turning a Family Room into a Friendly Playroom for Kids

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Sometimes, the playroom doesn’t need a particular place to let it exist. Despite using the kids’ rooms themselves, you can also turn the family room into such a place. You need to prepare some colorful puzzle carpets to start it all. Then, some racks are also provided where the toys are kept. There are still some furniture and items for adults for sure.

7. A Cute Purple Playroom Idea for Girls

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Girls tend to have different interests from boys. So, if your children are girls only, it is reasonable to prepare a special room for them. The playroom is designed as cute as possible with girly colors like purple. Then, the toys and all decorations are especially intended for girls along with the toys and tools to playhouse. Well, even the rugs and furniture can be in a girly idea for sure.

8. A Simple Carpet and Small Benches Idea for the Playroom

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It is probably quite confusing what are the most important elements applied in a good and friendly playroom. Aside from all the toys, you must make sure that the interior inside must be comfortable for kids. One of the ideas is by applying a carpet on the entire room’s floor. Then, to help them to play something, some tiny benches should also be prepared.

9. An Indoor Playground for Kids at Home

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Ideally, a playground is placed outside. But if you have a chance to make it available inside and outside, it must be a great idea. So, you need to prepare a special room so that you can place some rides inside. Sure, the rides must not be too big and they must be safe enough for children. Although your kids need to play outside, there is a situation when they need to stay inside. For examples, it is when there are raining or snowing outside.

10. A Large Playroom Idea with Balls Pool and Sports Equipment

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After having kids, why don’t you change your garage or sports area at home into a playroom? Sure, you can still do exercises or sports activities inside along with the kids. But sure, the entire rooms should be turned into a colorful area. Besides, many toys must be prepared there even the area for a balls pool.

11. The Second-Floor Playroom Area for Boys

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Upper floors at home are considered dangerous places for kids. Yes, there is a possibility for them to fall down if you are not watching them well. But sure, it doesn’t mean that placing the playroom on the second floor is a bad idea at all. You only need to install a high fence around. Besides, the toys available must also be friendly to them, even to the boys.

12. Turning the Kitchen into a Playroom for Kids

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So, is it possible to turn the kitchen into a playroom? Although this idea is not easy, actually, you can just do this. Moreover, a kitchen must have some elements that are necessary for kids. For example, they are the sink and cabinets to store the toys. Just like the other ideas above, all you need to do is just applying colorful decorations there. Sure, the toys must be put inside also.

13. A Colorful Bedroom Idea for Kids with a Playroom Area

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Well, the safest way is still by placing the playroom inside the bedroom. Then, just let the room be the private and fun area for them. Since the kids may not need things like the desk, you should remove it for the first time. This way, you have more space to put all the toys they have inside. Even the big stuff like swing and slide can enter as well.

14. The Boat-Theme Playroom Idea in Blue

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For some people, not applying a particular theme in the playroom seems too plain and not beautiful enough. Do you think that so? If yes, this unique idea is necessary to apply. It is by preparing a miniature of the boat and placing it inside. The surrounding can be used to store other toys through some cabinets. If there is necessary wallpaper for this idea, it is very good anyway.

15. A Green Bedroom with Unique Playroom Ideas for Home

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Green is always the soothing color for home living, inside and outside. For the kids’ room, it is good also for sure. Interestingly, you can also use this idea for the playroom. The decorations should be in green as well for sure. But for the toys, it depends on the kids’ want. It is whether they want to have green also or other colors.

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