Best 15+ Playhouse Ideas for Boys and Girls (Outdoor & Indoor)

Playhouse Ideas – All children love a playhouse! This is a place where they can play and socialize with friends. Having a playhouse in the backyard will be one of the best ways to keep your kids active. In this way, they will be healthier and happier.

There are a lot of playhouse designs that are available for you to pick. Either it is a simple or complicated one, the playhouse will be a great place for your children to spend time.

If you are looking for a perfect design for your kids’ playhouse, here are some playhouse ideas to inspire you.

1. Wooden Playhouse with a Sandbox Beneath


This playhouse is made of woods. The design is simple and the size is not too big. However, the sandbox just beneath the playhouse will make your children love to spend time playing there. The playhouse is completed with a ladder to train your kids’ balance. The height is still on a safe level for children under 5 years old. So, you do not need to worry about seeing your kids go up and down the playhouse.

2. “Hanzel and Grethel’s Hut” Playhouse


If your kids love bedtime stories, it is time to bring their imagination to reality. This playhouse looks like a typical hut you can find in Hanzel and Grethel story. The roof is so unique and there is a lamp hanging on the top of it. Meanwhile, the balustrade made of branches and twigs strengthen the atmosphere of middle age in the design. The flowers planted outside the window creates an adorable look of the playhouse.

3. Eco-Friendly Playhouse


At a short glimpse, you will see that the playhouse looks like a giant aquarium, of course, without any fish inside. The walls made of glass to make sure that the playhouse gets the natural lightings needed. The design will also allow you to keep watching your children at ease while they are playing inside the playhouse. The base of the construction uses stones and there are grasses planted on it.

4. Sweet Colorful Playhouse


Things in bright colors will attract most children and this playhouse is no exception. Being constructed with a simple design, the main attraction of the playhouse is on the eye-catching colors used to paint it. Either it is the walls, roofs, ladder, or the slide, all the materials applied in the playhouse use bright colors such as red, pink, yellow, blue, and more.

5. Simple Playhouse with Round Windows


This playhouse design will be perfect the most for you who only have a tight budget to build a special place where your kids can play. All you need to construct the playhouse is boards in different sizes. Though the design is simple, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make the playhouse has an attractive look. It has round windows as the focal point and makes the whole design looks more unique.

6. Rustic Playhouse


This playhouse comes with a rustic look that will remind you of huts in old villages. The design is so unique and the colors are gorgeous. The flowers placed on the terrace are such a sweet addition to the “old hut”. The front door of the playhouse comes with a distinctive asymmetric shape. The fences found outside the playhouse will provide privacy to your kids when they are playing inside it.

7. Indoor Playhouse


Who says that a playhouse should always be outdoor? You can also build an awesome playhouse inside your house. Instead of using metals or stones, this playhouse uses a huge log to lean on. The smaller logs are placed beneath the playhouse as chairs and table.

8. Wooden Square Playhouse


This is another simple design of playhouse that you can build for your kids. Being constructed of woods, you can even build it by yourself. The playhouse has a simple square design with a door and some windows installed on it. There is a terrace supported by two solid metals and a canvas that serves as the roof.

9. “Seven Dwarves” Playhouse


The playhouse comes with a cute design that will remind you of the hut where seven dwarves in the bedtime stories live. This small hut is made of woods and has a light blue color. The stones installed on the walls make the playhouse looks more adorable. There is a small terrace just like in a real hut. The playhouse will be perfect for children under 7 years old.

10. “Self-Improvement” Playhouse


If you are looking for a playhouse design that will help your kids to improve their motoric skills, this playhouse style will be a great idea to try. The playhouse is not too big and it has a simple design. However, the main attraction is on the playing equipment that can help you train your kids with their motoric. In addition, the large space available outside the playhouse will allow your little ones to run around freely.

11. Playhouse with a Slide


A playhouse design shouldn’t be the complicated one as long as it can accommodate the need of your kids to play and explore things around them. This playhouse design is just a perfect example. It comes with a simple design but the slide installed will keep your kids happy. In addition, there is a sandbox just under the playhouse as the adorable addition to the design.

12. Glass and Wooden Playhouse


If you like a playhouse with modern design, this playhouse style can be one of the perfect options you can take. Most part of the design uses woods, but the glass used to construct the walls is just a modern touch added to the playhouse. Your kids will like the ladder used to enter the playhouse. Stepping up the ladder will be an adventure for them since it is installed on the roof.

13. Barbie Playhouse


This is another playhouse you can build indoor and it looks like a Barbie house. The construction is dominated by purple and white colors. It also uses soft lightings inside. One of the nicest things about this playhouse is that it has stairways that also function as storages. You can keep your kids’ belongings there. In addition, there is also a space on the roof of the playhouse for your children to play.

14. Mini Castle Playhouse


If your children are fans of Disney’s princesses, you can build this mini castle playhouse as a sweet gift for them. There are two towers of different sizes in the playhouse’s construction. But, instead of stones just like a real castle, this playhouse uses solid woods for almost all part of the construction. Your children will love the tall windows installed on the towers. They will also have great adventures as princesses of the castle.

15. Modern Playhouse with Glass Walls


If you do not worry about the money you would spend, you can build this playhouse for your kids. It uses the combination of solid glasses and woods. The modern design can be seen on the glasses used to construct the walls. The roof design is also unique with a ladder hanging on it. There is also a chair with a unique design outside the playhouse. Instead of placing the chair on the ground, it is hung on the roof of the playhouse.

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