25+ Creative Patio Umbrella Ideas for Backyard

Patio Umbrella Ideas might be something you are looking for right now. A big umbrella or two would be a nice addition to your outdoor spade especially when there are no overhead outdoor awnings or roofs.

Generally, the size of outdoor umbrellas is between 5and 11 feet in diameter. In this article, we will show you some ideas on placing an umbrella for your outdoor patio and other outdoor areas that might need some shades over it. So, here are our tips.

1 Balinese White Wood Umbrella

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The white settings of umbrella ideas you have seen on the picture are simply inspired by the Balinese wisdom even though it is just a little of it. It will perfectly protect you from the sun up there while the whole look remains chill and casual.

However, you need to bring the set inside while it is running outside. Still, you need to consider having this on your patio especially if you like something simple but chic.

2 Red Hoodie for a Sunny

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If you like bold and popping colors, this big umbrella could suit you. If you have a deck in your patio, you can place the umbrella at the corner of the patio so you can enjoy brunch or afternoon tea without worrying about the sun.

Also, you can opt for waterproof materials so you do not need to bring them inside while raining outside. As long as you take care of the parasol nicely, it would durably stand the weather unless it is winter.

3 Patio Table Centerpiece

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This umbrella setting is more suitable for a semi-outdoor place. Other than that, the umbrella could also serve as the table centerpiece at the same time. It is very possible to have a proper romantic dinner with the umbrella hangs over your head.

The color could match any occasion you are currently running. Putting a vase or fresh flowers would make the whole table setting looks perfectly beautiful. The good news is that the umbrella can be dismantled when not used.

4 Chic Dinner Setting

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As we have mentioned earlier, you can go with anything when you have an umbrella in your backyard or patio. This will be a good idea to arrange a dinner space in the outdoor space in your home. It will protect you from the afternoon breeze and UV rays. Also, the crumples on top of the umbrella will make the whole scene look feminine without overwhelming the environment.

5 Outdoor Kitchen Plan

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If you intend to have an outdoor kitchen, this setting might work for you. In fact, you can set the whole table setting on your own as long as you have space. The picture shows how the rustic style could blend really well with the technology. Other than that, pairing it with a patio with a bunch of pillows would be a nice setting for umbrella ideas.

6 Umbrella for a Patio Table

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This type of umbrella would be suitable for a patio table with four chairs. However, you need to measure the measurement so it fits the existing space in your patio. The fabric of the umbrella is waterproof so you do not need to worry about raining and watery things. As long as you have covers for winter then you are good to go. Choosing popping colors would make the setting a centerpiece in the whole backyard.

7 Thatched Tiki Umbrella

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This umbrella really reflects the umbrella you look at the beach in Hawaii. The shade is made of fiberglass ribs that will protect everyone under its roof with great durability. Basically, the umbrella is available on almost every online hardware shop but the table is not included. This is why you can always pair the umbrella with umbrella ideas that came across your mind.

8 Umbrella Canopy

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Essentially, this is the frame of the umbrella and you just put fabric on it. This would be unique umbrella ideas for a casual setting especially if you only use it occasionally. Having the umbrella frame would give you a lot of advantage because you can set the setting all the way you like.

9 Green Umbrella for a Pool

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If you have an area near your pool for seating, chatting, and lounging, you will definitely need an umbrella. This green umbrella fits the whole scene especially when there are some leaves here and there which make the setting looks more organic and fresher. The umbrella did not come with a table and the base should also be purchased separately. You can definitely match it with the setting you want to build.

10 Umbrella for Dinner with Lanterns

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Are you planning to have dinner with your close friends or family members to celebrate something? Well, you should try this umbrella because it would be a perfect addition to your patio especially if you put some string lamps as well. Hanging some lanterns right under the roof would make the scene looks more intimate and romantic at the same time. Spending time with loved ones can be this casual even in your own home.

11 Woody Settings with Umbrella in the Backyard

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If you have a small backyard with plants here and there while you keep anything looks so natural, this setting on the picture might suit your idea. The umbrella ideas in this picture shows just how pretty the seating area would be if you use woody elements in it. Also, maintaining the matching points between the umbrella and the fence would make the whole scene looks beautifully synchronized. 

12 Super Intimate Umbrella with a Table for Two

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Having a candlelight dinner in your own backyard is not possible. However, if you are worried about the insects in your backyard, you can just put the net curtains on top of the umbrella. After that, you are good to have a candlelight dinner in your backyard. Just do not forget to put a pair of comfortable chairs.

13 Flamingo-Themed Umbrella

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The umbrella and chairs definitely represent the flamingo. The pink and white will lighten up space yet giving the tropical vibe without even trying. This should be very suitable for your pool especially if you plan to host a pool party this weekend with friends.

Enjoying summer should be this fun for sure. Do not forget to prepare your drinks and a table to serve the drinks near the pool. Also, the throw pillows are just complementing the whole scene.

14 Cool Blue Umbrellas

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This is definitely a definition of chilling. The wide shades provided by the umbrella will protect you from the sun but you will still see a little sunlight penetrate through the mesh. This could be the best place to chill after finishing your swimming laps or just witnessing the sunset. You can even sleep here at night during the summer if you want to.

15 Summer Brunch under the Umbrella

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The picture shows how a summer brunch should be happening. The hanging lanterns will not overdo the space as long as you keep anything simple. The umbrella is in white with a wooden frame which shines the beauty in simplicity.

The meshed-chairs are just perfect for the umbrella ideas. Without the lanterns up there, the setting would look bleak and empty after all.

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