Painting bathroom tiles for redecorating the bathroom view

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Create the chic and cozy place of your bathroom with painting bathroom tiles

Do you have outdated bathroom tile? Do you want to get the fresh and different looking from your room but you don’t want to replace it? Well, you can try to paint your bathroom tile. Maybe painting bathroom tile is not familiar for you, and many people still do not know that bathroom paint is able repainted. Actually, the bathroom tile is able redecorated by new color by using paint, although we can get same color of the grout line with the tile. If you do not understand how to paint the tile, there are some steps here for painting the bathroom tile. Your painting bathroom tiles is able for creating the new panorama and fresher feeling.

Preparing is the main aspect for painting the tile. When we want to paint the ceramic tile, we have to prepare the right type of tile paint. Then, the first step is cleaning the painting bathroom tiles. Before we apply the paint, we must clean the tile for removing the dirty, soap scum and mildew by using abrasive cleaner for bathroom. After it, remove the residue by using wet sponge for getting dry surface thoroughly. It is important for having the wonderful painted tile.

The second step is sanding the bathroom tile. This step can make the tile surface is more glossy. You use get aluminum oxide for sanding the tile. Besides, using orbital sander is better option for faster processing. After sanding process, use damp cloth for wiping down the tile surface for eliminating dust.

Painting bathroom tiles before and after

And the last step is painting. Choose the correct paint before you are painting to your bathroom tile. It is because not all of paint can be applied in tile. There are two paints option for being used in bathroom tile. The first is Latex paint and second is Epoxy paint. The latex paint is functioned for adhering the paint to the surface of tile. It is important for your tile; because it helps the other paint can be adhered on the tile. And the good time for using this paint is ensuring that the tile surface is really dry, so this painting bathroom tiles before and after will be applied properly. The second pant is epoxy paint. It is for being adhered to the surface. Then, you can start to apply the bathroom tile paint to your bathroom tile. Ensure that you display the colorful paint for making the room fresher.

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