Make Them Feel Home Guest Bathroom Ideas

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Simple yet cozy guest bathroom ideas

Guest bathroom ideas can be found a lot in websites that discuss on home designing. You may get so many ideas about designing guest bathroom. So, what is your plan? You are going to make guest bathroom for your hotel, your little inn, your cottage or your own home? Whichever it is please take time to think about the design deeply. Bathroom may not be exposed a lot and a protrude part in your house, but it is important to design it well. That way, you can enjoy your time too in the bathroom. Give the cozy feeling inside it and make everyone loves to be there anytime. If you have an interior designer, so you can ask ideas or suggestion from him. Spare your time too to search images of guest bathroom in the internet. Those images will help you a lot to design your own guest bathroom. Let us check someĀ guest bathroom ideas below.

First, measure the size of the bathroom. Do not buy or choose big furniture and decoration for small bathroom. You might not want to have a guest bathroom that looks like a store room. Put one proper size wooden table (varnished or not, depends on your taste) in appropriate place and put a proper size of mirror on right on the wall above the table. If you still have enough space, put a hanger to hang towels and wash lap there. If not, then you may put the folded towel on the table. Put also a vase of your favorite flowers (fresh or fake flowers, once again, depends on your taste) to give the touch of freshness in the room. If there is still relieving space on the wall, patch a hanging hanger for the wet towel and a painting there. Give proper lighting. It does not have to be expensive lamps, but give a good lighting for guest bathroom ideas.

Guest bathroom ideas decor

After choosing the right bath up, you may need more decoration and furniture, especially if you have wide bathroom. But, one is important, please always adjust everything with the size of the guest bathroom ideas decor. Put on a hanging lamps or standing lamps. Chose the one that suitable with the color of the other furniture. Match the decoration with the color of the walls too. Do not carelessly choose or buy a decoration only because it is pretty or meets your taste. It may good in other place but not in the bathroom. Put a thick and soft carpet in proper place. Install ceramic walls and floor. Patch a painting is a good idea too. You may want your guest to enjoy the bath-up while enjoying it either. So, have you find good guest bathroom ideas?

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5 Photos of the Make Them Feel Home Guest Bathroom Ideas