How to tile a bathroom floor

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Tiles generally choose for the bathroom floor so a bit more you have to know how to tile a bathroom floor.

The reason to choose tiles is usually because the price is cheap, durable to water, and lots of choice because tile has many advantages. But different with the existing floor in another room, installing tile in the bathroom must follow some particular rules that are somewhat different because the need of how to tile a bathroom floor diy is different too. The bathroom with small size is better to use tiles that applied with diagonal pattern in order to get the impression of spacious bathroom. If the shape of the tile is rectangular, better if the tile as placed with elongated position according to the space.

The important things is that the floor will be used for drain location must be lower than the other floor. Short story, the bathroom floor must be tilted. Wider bathroom will need the greater different in floor level so the water easily rushed into the sink hole. It is also able to prevent mold and other bacteria growing in the bathroom considering the bathroom is always wet. If possible, put the water drain hole in the corner of bathroom so make the tiling easier. Better if the drainage hole shape is box-cut to avoid difficulties when cutting tiles.

How to tile a bathroom floor diy

You have to prepare a good grout. How to tile a bathroom floor diy should follow the different rules that are somewhat different than tiling the other room, already said above. You have to buy particular grout for the bathroom floor. Why? Because the bathroom is a place that frequently exposed to water. If you use regular mortar – and not specifically the bathroom grout – mold will grow quickly, moss grows anytime, and the worst is the mortar eroded and the floor will be damage. It is the first thing you have to consider in how to tile a bathroom floor diy.

Start the tiling from the front. The aim is for an intact tile mounted in the front and the rear will get the rest. But if you want to create your own patterns for flooring then you better start from the middle.

In some cases have been occurred exploding tiles. The problem usually occurs on the second floor. To handle it better you give a bit of space between the wall and tiles to prevent bursting.

How to tile a bathroom floor on floorboards

Once you understand what is discussed above, you will understand the next part of how to tile a bathroom floor phase.

How to tile a bathroom floor on floorboards, tiling a bathroom floor should be done in the final stages. It is done to avoid unwanted damage due to other unfinished works. Make sure the surface of the floors clean and dry. Clean is important because you do not know what will happen in the future if the floor surface was not clean. Basically it supposes to avoid anything unwanted in the next day. Dry is important to make the tiling work perfectly. To make the tiling straight, attach yarn that stretch from one corner of the room to the other.

The recommended grout width of about 4 to 5 mm. less or more grout mixture can be adjusted as long as its goof. Immediately clean the tile surface if the grout or mortar mess. It will be easier to clean the wet cement than the dry one. In some case the dry cement could not be cleaned. And the last be sure to choose good quality tiles. It is often found the different size of the same tile even though the tiles in one package. Usually it happens because the quality in not too good.

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