Best 15+ Home Library Ideas for Small Spaces

Home Library Ideas – It is always fun to have a special space at home where you can read your favorite books comfortably. However, not all people can have such privilege since a personal library needs a special space where you can put a bookshelf and some sofas.

In addition, designing a personal library can be very tricky. What if there is only small space available for the room? What you can do to design the library so it will meet your satisfaction?

Find out 15 Home library ideas in this following article to get you inspired.

1. Cornered-Library


This library will be perfect the most for a house with small spaces. You only need one of the corners in your house to create it. Instead of placing a bookshelf, you can use one of the wall sides in your house to keep the books. Just use some boards which are installed on the wall to replace the bookshelf. Place a large sofa just below the boards so you can read your favorite books comfortably.

2. Oriental Reading Room


At a glimpse look, you might think that this library is just like other conventional reading rooms. But, the oriental rug used provides an oriental look to the room. With a large sofa, reading books in this room will be very fun. To make it easier for you reaching books on the top part of the bookshelf, there is a ladder installed on it. The ladder is also installed on a trail to allow you to move it to another side of the bookshelf. 

3. Cozy Library Room with a Round Rug and Comfy Armchair


The focal point of this library room is on the round rug and armchair. The rug adds a warm ambiance to the room. Meanwhile, the large armchair with stripe motif will add colors to the reading room. You can get natural lights for the room from the large windows installed. 

4. White Minimalist Library


If you live in a small apartment, you can consider building a personal library by using this design. The reading room uses a bookshelf which is installed directly on the wall. So, it will not consume a large space in your house. Meanwhile, the white color used to paint the room will make the room looks larger than its actual size. Instead of placing a large sofa in the library, you can put a minimalist round chair with black color. 

5. Stairways to Library!


This library design will be perfect the most for you who do not have space left in your house to keep your book collection. Instead of using a specific room to build the library, you can use walls along the balustrade to keep the books. The furnished boards installed adds a natural look to the design. To make it more stunning, you can place some artworks on the boards.

6. Cozy Library with a Large Window


A large glass window can be one of the best solutions you can take to make your small room looks bigger than its original size. You can also use this trick to create a personal library in your small house. The window will also supply you with natural lights.

The bookshelves are placed on each side of the walls. You can place a customized seat between the two bookshelves. Some pillows will make the seat more comfortable.

7. Chic Library with Hammock


This is another library room idea you can apply to a small house. The handmade hammock with a rectangle shape will be the focal point of the room. In this way, you will be able to have a perfect space where you can lay down comfortably while reading your favorite book. 

8. Cozy Hidden Library


Have you ever dreamt to have a secret room to keep your books? This library design can be a comfortable hidden nest where you can have privacy. You can build the reading room just behind your bedroom. Is it a good trick, isn’t it? The bookshelf also functions as a door that opens to your bedroom. 

9. Side-by-Side Reading Room


The bookshelves also function as a partition that separates your reading room with the kitchen. This library idea will be perfect for small houses. Instead of leaving the walls behind your kitchen empty, you can function them as bookshelves. You can also install a drawer just below each bookshelf. It can be additional storage to keep your belongings. Just put a small vase with your favorite plants to make the room more lively.

10. Natural Wooden Library


This library gets its “back to nature” look from the wooden bookshelf. It keeps the natural color of the wood so that the room gets closer to nature. What makes it looks more outstanding is two cozy armchairs placed in the room. Plus, there is a table with unusual shape puts between both of the chairs. 

11. Classic Hexagon Library


This reading room comes with a classic design. The colors and decorative items used in the library will remind you of a typical reading room in middle age. The focal point of the library is on the hexagon ceilings installed. Meanwhile, the large sofa and armchairs placed make the room looks very comfortable.

The Persian rug used to cover the floor as well as the fireplace provides a warm atmosphere to the room. The classic design of the library is also strengthened by the lighting used. Instead of using a table, you can place a light blue sofa to add color to the room.

12. Green Reading Room


Green is a fascinating color. It is comforting and makes a room feels warmer. This reading room is dominated by green which makes it looks cozy. The color is particularly used on the bookshelves and the cozy armchair placed in the room.

However, the ceiling is painted with white. It is aimed to add color to the room and makes it looks more spacious. The curtains are in the stripe pattern with green and yellow color to match the overall design of the room. 

13. Under Stairs-Library


Instead of leaving the space under your stairs empties, you can use it as your personal library. You can install boards to create a bookshelf just below the stairs. This will be one of the best ideas you can take to make use of every space in your house. The crystal chandelier will make the room looks more stunning. 

14. Practical Hanging Bookshelf


Get difficulty to find a space to build a personal library in your house? Well, why not trying to create a hanging bookshelf just above your study desk? You can install some boards on the walls to create space to store your books.

The white color used in the room is also useful to make it looks more spacious. You can use bright orange color for the chair so that the room becomes more colorful. Another trick is installing a glass window so the room looks larger. It will also make it possible for you to get natural lighting for the room.

15. A Triangle-Shaped Library


Who says that a personal library should be in the conventional shape of rectangular? You can even create an out of the box reading room with an unusual triangle shape. There are two large glass doors that open to a bedroom in the center of the bookshelf. To make the rooms feel warmer, you can place a Persian rug on the floor. 

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