15+ Creative DIY Headboard Ideas for Minimalist & King Size

DIY Headboard Ideas – What are the headboard ideas? The ideas refer to the board placed right on the head area of a bed. Commonly, when you are buying a bed, there is automatically a headboard on it.

However, it is actually possible for you to design it yourself based on your tastes and wants. For designing the headboard by yourself, it is better to buy a bed without its original headboard. Then, the self-designed headboard is attached on the wall.

So, what are the ideas you can apply for this necessity? Here are some references for you.

1. Vintage Metal Headboard with Pine Cone Shape

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It is quite difficult to define whether it really looks like a pine cone or not. But the design is vaulted with some lines ornamented in it. This idea is really great to fit a vintage or retro interior design. Moreover, it is if the headboard is built up from metals. To deepen the sense of old, it is not bad to keep the headboard a little bit corrodes. Even you can add the corrosion accent using paint.

2. Natural-Minimalist Wooden Headboard for a Modern Bedroom

A modern bedroom doesn’t always mean that the entire room is filled by a clean accent. You can add some natural senses there through decorations and furniture, including the headboard. Place some pieces of board vertically by maintaining its natural pattern and color. The only thing to do is layering it with varnish. Next, put some ornaments there.

3. Glossy Headboard with Tropical Look

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You may just want to make your bedroom look more cheerful and full of happiness. It is necessary for sure to apply certain bright colors like the combination of orange, yellow, and blue. Then, there is a small palm tree next to the bed. Sure, the headboard should be in the same idea also. it is by placing some glossy plates with similar colors on it.

4. Unique Baseball Headboard for Kids’ Bedroom

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If your kids are one of those baseball lovers, this idea is worth to try. Yes, it is by installing a big baseball as the headboard while there are also decorations with the same ideas around. the baseball can be made from wood that is cut off and ornamented. Besides, it can also be a big cushion that is widely available in the furniture and home decoration store.

5. Antique Wooden Headboard for the Classic Interior

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It is cool to apply such a classic interior in the modern day. One of them is seen from the headboard and other ornaments inside. Particularly for the headboard, the nuance of classical can be simply felt by applying engraving and antique ornaments there. Sure, they must be in line with some other types of furniture around. They are including the dresser, chairs, tables, bench, and more. The interior fixtures must be in the same idea for sure.

6. Clean Lines on the Wall as a Contemporary Headboard

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It is said often that modern and contemporary interior is closely related to the application of simple and minimalist accent. Well, one of them is shown by this type of headboards. The headboard is only in the form of wooden lines that are installed on the wall. They are continuously attached even on the ceiling. Match it with furniture with the same design and idea.

7. Round Rustic Wooden Headboard for the Cottage’s Bedrooms

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Do you have a cottage outside the city? Or, are you just interested to design a house with a cottage style? Both are good as long as you know how to design it well. One of them is by presenting the cottage atmosphere in the bedroom. A headboard that is formed from round pieces of wood is just a good idea. Arrange them neatly on the wall. It simply gives you warm and comfortable feeling you usually feel while in a cottage.

8. Rustic Headboard with Dull Wooden Board

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To make a bedroom look artistic, it doesn’t always mean that you must apply neat and clean things. Even the dull one can be very good as long as you are applying it well. So, the next headboard idea is by placing dull boards on the top of the bed. When you also put furniture with the same element also, you can see the nuance of rustic in your bedroom perfectly.

9. Coarse Permanent Blocks Headboard Idea for the Male Bedroom

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Commonly, men or boys don’t like if their bedrooms have too many ornaments and details. If there are decorations, they often come from their collections like sports stuff and action figures. This way, the headboard to apply should be simple and minimalist as well. This way, permanent blocks with coarse look seem to be suitable for them. When the bedroom is dominated with grey or black color, the blocks should have the same color idea as well.

10. Beach Bedroom Idea with Wicker Headboard

If you really want to apply the beach and tropical idea inside your bedroom, you can try this one. Aside from placing furniture and accessories with coastal nuance, some elements are necessary to add. One of them is the application of wicker headboard on the bed. The design should not be too complicated. The most important thing it must meet the beach idea well.

11. Favorite Sport Painting for the Headboard

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So, what is your favorite sport? Is it American football, soccer, baseball, or basketball? Your hobby can be a good idea for the headboard. It is by applying a silhouette of the sport in the form of painting or other artworks. Next, install the painting right on the head area of the bed as the headboard. Sure, it is better if the furniture and accessories inside have the same theme also.

12. Metallic Ornament for the Master Bedroom’s Headboard

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Many headboards are made from wood while some others are from wickers. So, why don’t you try other ideas? If you have applied metallic elements on the bedroom furniture and decoration, it is much better if the headboard is made from the same material also. It gives a more glamorous sense even if the bedroom design is actually simple enough.

13. The Wooden Wall as the Headboard with Modern Design

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A headboard doesn’t always refer to a piece of board that is placed on the bed or attached on the wall. Well, it can even be the wall itself. To realize this idea, you only need to cover the wall using some pieces of wooden plates that are arranged fully on the wall. With some floating accents, it just gives a real definition of the modern headboard.

14. 3D Headboard Attached on the Wall

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Similar to the previous idea, this headboard is also applied directly on an entire side of the wall. This type of headboards is very unique since it is formed from some pieces of wooden plates or even foams. They are made in various sizes and then being attached together. Sure, you can apply a color that fits well to the bedroom decoration.

15. The Best Headboard Idea for the Bookworms

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Some old books probably have been finished to read. So, rather than letting them only be stored and dusty on the shelf, it is better to use them to support the bedroom decoration.

It is by attaching and arranging them on the wall. It depends on your taste whether the books are better closed or opened. When they are opened, you can even read them in your sleep.

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