25+ Small Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Small Guest Bedroom Ideas – When there are guests coming home, you may expect to treat them as good as possible. There are many things to do for sure. One of them is letting them stay in a clean and comfortable bedroom.

Well, if there is an additional space as the guest bedroom, you must go for it. Moreover, many guest room ideas are ready to apply. A guest room may not be as big as the master bedroom. However, there must be things that are needed by the guest.

So, what are the best ideas of a guest room? Check them out.

1. Relaxing Guest Room Ideas with Coastal Theme

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So, are you interested to apply a certain theme in the guest room? It is no matter what theme you want to choose. The most important thing is that the theme must be generally liked by people. Well, if you are just confused regarding what to apply, the coastal theme is one of the best ideas. You can imagine how it becomes relaxing along with the blue color ideas and ocean paintings.

2. A Simple Guest Room Idea in White

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Despite it having double beds and a side table in the middle, there are more things to add. One of them is the comfort. So, white bedroom idea can be the best choice. Combine the color with other neutral hues like dark brown or black. The window must be there to make sure that the air and sunshine are able to circulate well. In general, it is simple and also elegant.

3. A Single-Bed Guest Room with the Modern and Minimalist Design

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It is not bad to prepare a single bed in the guest room. At least, it facilitates well the couple guests. So, what are the ideas the best to apply in this type of guest rooms? You can have the white color theme just like in the previous point. The difference is that the general room’s design is in a more modern and minimalist style. Not to forget, a vase with plants is necessary as well.

4. A Guest Room with the Shabby Chic Design

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To welcome guests in rural areas, it seems that the shabby chic interior design is the best choice. Moreover, it is when the home, where the guests are coming there, is in the form of a cottage. There is no need to fill the room with shabby chic accents for sure. Only putting it on some parts like the bedcover and cushions is enough. The room may look warmer anyway.

5. A Guest Room Idea with the Vintage Interior Design

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Another idea to make a guest room look warmer and more comfortable is due to the vintage design. Yes, the application of pastel colors, patterned wallpaper, thick bedcovers, and others is just good for the room. If it is needed, the furniture should be in the same idea as well. Some types of bedroom furniture with antique designs from wood fit this idea very well.

6. A Minimalist Black and White Guest Room with Double Beds

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There are many ways to make a bedroom look unique without putting too many efforts. One of them is by applying colors that are contrasting each other. So, when the room has been dominated by white. The best pair for it is the black. Both are applied to all items including the bed and mattress. With a minimalist design, the guest room looks perfect.

7. Cottage-Style Interior Design for the Guest Room Ideas

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The cottage is a place to welcome guests and it is commonly placed in a rural area. Sure, the main purpose of those guests coming is to refresh their minds after the hectic schedule. So, the next idea is decorating the guest room so that it has a cottage style. There are wooden walls with accents, dull furniture, and more. It looks modest but able to make the guests want to stay longer.

8. A Simple Guest Room Idea with a Combination of Warm Colors

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The next idea may not apply a certain theme or interior design. It is just a general style in which the vintage and modern styles are all presented there. The main focus is on the color idea. The combination of warm colors like white and milky orange just makes the bedroom look best. Not to forget, there should be many cushions and bedcover to warm up the atmosphere more.

9. Attic Bedroom Ideas with Unique Furniture and Chest

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If there is no more space remained at home, you can take advantage of the attic area for the guest room. This area looks best with the nuance of traditional. Therefore, some items of vintage furniture are necessary to add there. Besides, equip it more with a table that is made from a chest. For the color interior, choose a simple and warm color idea like the combination of white and brown.

10. Modern Guest Room Ideas with Big Glass Windows

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Well, your guests may need to look at what happens outside too. Therefore, the application of big glass windows is the best choice for this idea. Sure, the windows must be equipped with a big and dense curtain. It is to avoid anyone outside looking at the room inside. Sure, other furniture types and items are just the same as other guest rooms. There are comfortable mattress and more.

11. The Application of Mustard Color in a Modern Guest Room

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A modern guest room basically can adapt any theme and idea to make it look more beautiful. For you the lovers of the nature concept, it seems better if there is the application of wooden furniture by maintaining its natural color. Sure, some houseplants should be added there for a more soothing sense. A kind of striking needs to apply as well. One of them is the bright mustard for the blanket and cushion covers.

12. A Romantic Guest Bedroom Idea in the Royal Purple Color

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Do you want your guest room look more glamorous and romantic at once? Therefore, the purple color is the best choice among all. This color can just be applied to some areas of the bedroom including the bedcover, cushion covers, blanket, and mire. To balance it, you still need a kind of neutral color like white or ivory. Well, your guests may enjoy this idea so much.

13. Love Guest Bedroom Ideas in Pink and Vintage Style

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Another romantic color aside from purple is pink. Well, that’s why, people just use it to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This color is also the best to be applied in the guest rooms. Some parts and items can be full of pink colors including them on the bed. To make it less monotonous, combine pink with other neutral colors like white and black.

14. Unique Guest Rooms with Green Leaves Wallpaper

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There are many ways to make a guest room look more unique and different from others. Applying a kind of unique wallpaper is one of the choices. So, when the bedding idea has been in green, the same idea should be applied on the wall. Wallpaper is the best choice since you can just find various designs and patterns. The green-leaves pattern is one of them.

15. Beach Guest Bedroom Ideas in White and Light Blue

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Beach and coastal home interior designs seem endless. Well, anyone just loves to stay in a room where he or she feels really comfortable and calm in it. In this last idea, there are not so many items to place just to make the room look coastal. The application of white and blue colors are enough to make the guests just want to stay there longer.

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