Best 15+ Modern Garage Door Ideas

Garage Door Ideas – Do you have a plan to build a garage in the near future? So, you can just do it. Of course, there must be proper plans and considerations so that the final results can be perfect. One of the components in building a garage is the garage door.

There are so many ideas to realize it. Meanwhile, the materials used are also varied along with the sizes and designs.

So, if you are still confused with what you want to apply, some ideas below may help you a lot. Check them out.

1. Country Garage Door from Wood with Rustic Style


For you the lovers of rustic and country style, this idea is worth to apply. There is no need to apply ornaments and decorations. Even for the main material, you only need some pieces of hardwood like teak or mahogany. The door should be big so that there are 2 door leaves to apply. Around the main door, there are walls with coarse brick without any layer.

2. Modern Country Garage Door Ideas with Vertical Movement

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There are many ideas to open and close the garage door. If many of the doors must be opened horizontally, this one is a little bit different. So, to open the door, it is moved vertically above and it is moved down to close it. Choose a striking color for the paint. It is mainly if the wall around has been in the natural one like grey. It will be a good-looking modern country garage door.

3. A Country Garage Door in Blue and White


Not all garage doors must be painted with natural and neutral colors. If you want, you can combine some color ideas outside brown, grey, rustic colors, and even black. Well, the combination of blue and white is incredible for many reasons. Moreover, if the garage applies a country style and it is located in a country and farming area. Yes, the color idea will fit the garage perfectly.

4. A Classic Gate Idea for a Garage Door at Home

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It is not bad to apply a certain classic design popular in the past. For example, there are ideas of the gate or fortress door. They are good for your garage door for the functions that are almost the same; they are not the main door of the house. Adding some modern details is recommended also like by putting some classic gate or ornaments right above the door area.

5. A Minimalist Garage Door Idea for the Country House


Simple and modest home decor has many demands nowadays. Some of them are the ideas of country houses and cottages. Sure, it is not bad to apply those ideas even if you are living in the big cities. The door, even if it looks classical, is quite simple and minimalist. The color choices tend to warm up the atmosphere. For examples; there are light brown and ivory.

6. Modern Garage Door Ideas in a Vintage Home Decoration

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Designs and ideas tend to have more variants from year to year. Although some new designs are invented, it doesn’t mean that people can just simply forget the good old days along with their vintage decorations. Sure, if your home design is around vintage and retro decorations, you can still beautify it more with some modern details. One of them is in the garage door area.

7. Classical Garage Doors with Compact and Minimalist Design


In nature, classical decorations are commonly full of details. The details are to show how glamorous and precious they are. However, you can actually apply something classical while maintaining it to be simple and compact. The application of curve or dome accent on the garage door represents a classical thing indeed. But then, it minimizes by the simple details around the area.

8. Modern and Minimalist Wooden Garage Door Design with Horizontal Lines


After mentioning classic, country, and vintage designs in previous points, now, let’s talks about the modern one. As you know, the modern door is shown by minimalist accents. There is no need to look rousing with details here and there. To avoid it being too monotonous, some horizontal lines from wood are stunning to be applied.

9. Metal-Look Garage Door in Grey


If matte colors are too common in the home decoration, it is the time to balance it with something glossy. The metal-look garage door ideas are the best choice here. It is no matter if the door is not made from metal materials. The more important thing is that the finishing should make the door look metallic and glossy. You should play more with paint and varnish for sure.

10. A Minimalist Garage Door from Lightweight Iron Plate


Home designs nowadays are focused on the functional matters. Sure, the door becomes one of the functional elements to think about also. So, the iron-plate garage door can be a good idea for this. Despite the idea is quite unique, the door is functional for the application of 2 types of the door at one. The first door is the main garage door to enter the car. The second door is a conventional door for people.

11. A Semi-Circle Garage Door for the Traditional Look


If square garage doors seem too common, you can try this one. Yes, it is the semi-circle garage door that is applied to the traditional home living. The door itself is made from wood with dark colors like the dark brown. It should be installed in a house with wall with light-color paints. This way, both are able to contrast each other as well as make the exterior design look more beautiful.

12. A Simple Door Idea with Ornaments and Accents


Some doors just look good when they are plain and minimalist. Meanwhile, some others look better with ornaments or accents there. So, it is a good thing if you want to apply certain beautiful accents on your door. They can be in the form of wooden crosses and stacked sunshades. This way, the garage door tends to less monotonous.

13. Wooden Garage Door Ideas in White with Glasses


Wall is not the only thing that needs glasses on it, in the form of windows. Even garage doors need them also. As you know, a garage door tends to be wider than other doors. This way, it is possible to apply more things there. So, applying glasses on the upper part of the garage is worth to do. Mainly, it is if you just want your garage door look more beautiful, unique, and different from others.

14. Natural Look on the Wooden Garage Door with Glasses


Some wooden doors look less natural for the application of paints and varnish. So, if you prefer something more natural, it is better to maintain natural colors like light or rustic brown. It actually depends on the type of woods used actually. Decorate the garage door with some pieces of glasses. Then, if there are flowers or plants in front of the garage, it can look more natural and refreshing for sure.

15. Classical Garage Door with Floral Ornaments


Some garage doors look classical enough only by applying certain materials and shapes. However, some other garage doors need to be garnish here and there for a more classical look. Certain patterns are necessary enough for the ideas. One of them is the floral design that can be formed from the metal materials.


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