Frenchi Furniture’s Espresso Set Vanity for All Values You Need in Modern Makeup Vanity

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Modern makeup vanity with lights

Modern makeup vanity should own some values suitable to the main ideas of modern design. The most interesting values meant here are no other else but function and simplicity in design. Both of these values are the ones you can really find in Frenchi Furniture’s Espresso Set Vanity. This is no other else but a 3 pieces makeup vanity you can find in the official store of this furniture brands, some cooperate stores, or in the brand web store in Amazon. The price applied to this furniture is quite affordable. It is between $89s and $99s only. Of course, this cheap price is not the only plus point can be found inside this product. There are still some more you have to know. Here is the brief review for you to know first before considering purchasing the vanity or not.

If seen from the function value of this modern makeup vanity, of course this vanity is really functional. The main reason is because every part of it has function and there is not really a decorative part without function found in the overall design of it. This vanity set consist of a vanity, a stool, and also a mirror. In the vanity, there is a drawer included which can really be used to save some small makeup stuff. The stool is known to be available in some different colors and design for the upholstery material. Even so, the most perfect one to match the espresso color is the white upholstery. For the mirror, it is actually a special one because it is made to have multi-angle reflection which is of course beneficial in doing makeup because you can move the mirror flexibly when you do your makeup before going somewhere.

Modern makeup vanity set with lights

The combination of simple design and also function in this vanity as told previously is something makes it a perfect option for modern bedroom design. Besides, this can also be considered as an option for small bedroom too. For you to know, the espresso color of this modern makeup vanity set with lights of Frenchi Furniture is in fact only an option. If you want to, you can also purchase this vanity in different color since the fact is that it is available in some color options. You can check it out in Amazon first in order to know about the available color options for this simple yet functional makeup vanity in modern design.

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5 Photos of the Frenchi Furniture’s Espresso Set Vanity for All Values You Need in Modern Makeup Vanity