15+ Unique DIY Wreath Ideas for Front Door – Summer & Spring

DIY Wreath Ideas – When spring enters the season with the beautiful wreath which is so easy, affordable and stunning. Your guests will feel the warm welcome atmosphere when they were greeted by a beautiful and bright craft that you make.

Even you can ask your kids to make this elegant craft and make this moment as the lifelong memories that they will remember forever. 

1. Bright and Colorful Flower Wreath 

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This wreath is just stunning. This is pretty large with a diameter around 28 inches from ribbon tip to the tip. Surely, you will get so compliments from anyone who enters your door. The measurements can be done when your flower wreath was hanging on the door, it was measured from to the left to right, not come from the wreath base.

This picture was taken from the front door with the average size along with the different distances and angles so that you can get the idea of how it will see on your average size door. You can add the gobs and premium ribbons which fills your wreath with extra beauty. A true daily wreath that you will be proud to hang all year. 

2. Nice Letter Flower Wreath 

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When in winter, it is identical to find out the pine cones, magnolia leaves were used as the base of flower wreath. Then you are able to personalize your flower wreath easily since nature supplies you with different materials to choose.

There are some materials which give beautiful accents to each flower wreath spring also brings you with their won beautiful gifts to help you make your own decorative and light flower wreaths. 

3. Magnolia Leaves for Unique Wreath 

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You are also able to decorate your tables with the colorful magnolia leaves, Christmas decoration, and green leat wreath as well. This idea with the magnolia leaves will make your holiday feel fresher. So, if you are hunting for the simple arrangement but it still looks unique, then this magnolia leaf wreath can be your best option. It also gives you a more rustic look and very easy to make since there is no complex decoration. 

4. Green and Lemon Wreath

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This is a very simple combination from the leaves and artificial lemons which looks so gorgeous on your black front door or if you a rustic look. You might never think before that this idea really make your door looks stunning and different, makes your front door feeling warm since hot lemon can bring the warm nuance in your home. 

5. Swimsuits on Your Wreath 

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This swimsuit wreath idea is actually an old school style where you need to grab your thread and little needle. But you can save up more time by using a sewing machine. To make the swimsuits here, then you feel free to draw the swimsuits and shorts n the paper, then cut them off as the pattern, This swimsuit pattern will use as the template to make this cute swimsuit. 

6. Welcome Wreath with Ribbon 

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The dried flower wreaths for your front door can be your best solution. You can welcome your guests in a warm welcome in the flower wreath which is perfect for summer. There are many ways to make it looks more beautiful, you can add a big ribbon on it to get more filled ornaments but it does not look overwhelmed.

7. Chic Flower Wreath 

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This chic floral wreath can be your best interior idea which can be used in your front door. You do not need to get many supplies for it if you prefer to get a chic and simple look. you can use the pink flower with their leaves along to hang in your front door. You can see the roots or branches on it and secure your wreath with a simple neutral ribbon. 

8. Flower Wreath and Dreamcatcher

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It’s the right time to refresh your home decoration and you can show off how much difference that the summer wreath makes in your front door. You can add a small detail like a dreamcatcher to get wondering eyes as they passe by and anytime they look it. This decoration is so cool and can be made from anything actually. You can use the summer colors which suit your theme. 

9. Beautiful Acorn Wreath Decoration 

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To guarantee that you get a well-dressed and unique wreath, then you are able to start the acorn from your backyard before the squirrels get them before you. Or you can just buy your own nuts. This is a very simple wreath which gives you a warmer tone for the warm season in your front door. When you think something different than flower wrath ideas. 

10. Natural Wreath Idea

If you have been hanging around and love something more natural, then you can get so many beautiful things outside. You do not need to send more money for expensive decor. You can use dried flowers, eucalyptus, dried, and boxwood clippings to make all the first beautiful impression in your front door without any loud colors. 

11. Dark and Spook Wreath Idea 

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This idea is actually perfect for Halloween which gives you with spooky nuance in black shape. This wreath is actually made form the trash bags. The trash bags were cut and tied into the wreath form in order to make this unique Halloween wreath. This is a very economical decoration and perfect for Halloween nuance. 

12. Flower and Bird House Wreath 

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When welcoming the warmer weather, then there are many birds which flew to the south for the cold season and they migrate to the south. So, the birdhouses were seen as the signs of the spring season and make this beautiful wreath with the DIY birdhouse which perfects for your home. 

13. Simple Big Flower Wreath 

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This a very simple wreath idea where you need to bring the pink and white flowers, roots, and a big ribbon. Actually, this idea is perfect for your rustic home since you will get a more simple yet unique in more warm tones. You can make this country wreath for your front door or using extra large wreaths. There are many ideas for it that you can choose. 

14. Summer Butterfly Wreath 

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Whether you want to make it or buy it – the choice is up to you. ensure that you do not pass the summer without the flower wreath in your front door. There are many choices for you including this beautiful butterfly wreath. If you are not into flowers, then this beautiful wreath still gives you with the summer vibe as well. 

15. Colorful Umbrellas Wreath

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Those multi-colored umbrellas will be lost on your summer cocktails, You are able to make this effect can last all season long with your easy DIY projects. You can use this idea if you dreaming of laying down on the shore. There are many ideas that you can choose. 

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