Best 15+ Creative DIY Wall Clock Ideas for Kids

DIY Wall Clock Ideas – When you arrive in this article, you know that a cute clock as the decoration item and so functional, especially for your kid’s room. There are so many DIY clock ideas for your kids which come from the adorable clock to cool clock.

Well, if you have a girl teen, teenager boy or even a playful toddler, then you can find these ideas below which are perfect for your kid’s room.

There are so many DIY clock ideas need clock kits. If you are interesting with the DIY clock ideas, then you are in the right place. You can check them below. 

1. Paper Bag – Croc Clock 


This fun crock clock is so perfect for your kids. It is also a great activity for them. especially for boys will love Barrie’s Tales of Pan. So, this is very important when reading it and has some fun activities to get along with it, one of them is making this cute crock clock. You can use the waste brown paper bag for the body. You can use the print out of clock templates on the white paper first and cut out the crocodile pieces. 

2. Sunflower clock idea


Actually, this idea comes out with the sunflower paper frame for your clock, of course, you will use yellow paper. If your kids just learn about the hours and minutes, then this idea is perfect for your kids. You can make the sunflower frame on your clock with precise measurement. The sunflower part contains the minutes in a clock. The leaves show your kids which one is minute and hour. 

3. Colorful car clock 


If your son was obsessed with cars and anything with the wheels now, then it would be so fun to make the car clay clock for your boys. As you know that he so attached with the wheels, so the trick is making he gets back the cars at any time to switch them out to play. This is the best way to make the car clock which was interchangeable. This clock idea is so fun and easy to make with the detachable wheels. 

4. Rainbow Color Ideas 


You might think that it would be fun to collect creative clock ideas that you can make with your children. If your children lately got interesting to tell the time and how to learn minutes turn into hours. Then this fun clock idea can be a great tool to help them. Learning the color theories, then you can do some art and understand to tell the time with this artistic and bright clock. This idea is so simple and easy to make. 

5. Cardboard Clock Idea 


You can use your waste board to make your recycled clock with the popsicle stick hands and whimsical face that your kids will love. This is also easy to make, where you need to paint the hours and do not forget to draw the eyes, popsicle sticks as the nose and lips. Of course, do not forget to make the board crown on its head. 

6. Colorful duct tape clock idea 


The use of the duct tape will turn the clock looks more colorful and so bright for your children. You can cut it to make the numbers. If your kid is so exciting to learn time, then you can make this clock as the easy learning media. Spinning the stick into the time, and you can tell time. 

7. Chic clock ideas 


This idea is actually so simple where you can use the recycled board as well. however, to make this clock looks brighter and colorful, then each hour has different colors as your kids will love. This is very easy to make, even you can ask your kid to make it together. 

8. Globe clock idea 


It is pretty easy to lose the time if you were hanging out with this travel-themed clock idea, but these two globe clock idea is so easy to make and watch the clock. If you have space, this wall globe idea can be a stand out a centerpiece for any travel nursery. You can cut it in a half to make this clock and you have got yourself with the giant globe clack. If you have limited space, you still able to get this idea. 

9. Boat Steering Clock 


You can get this idea for a bright tone clock which perfects for your kid’s room. This idea resembles the boat steering with the smiling face on it. It has a yellow tone with the whimsical face in the middle. Your kids will love this idea and anytime they tell the time. there are many ways to decorate this idea, get your creativity on it. 

10. Board car clock 


This is another clock idea if your kids love cars or wheels so much. They are obsessed and want anything inside their rooms to have car-shaped items. You can get this idea by using your paper board with a bit of cutting skill. Or you can use the car template, so you only need to follow the lines. It is easy to make and you can add more items where your kids will love. 

11. Cute dino clock 


This is a perfect idea for your kids’ room or beautiful decoration into their playrooms. This cute and fun clock can be a unique gift as well. This idea has the sweep movements for the wall clock. There is no ticking sound to interrupt your little one. So, this idea is so colorful and perfect clock if your kids love Dino. 

12. Bird House Clock 


This is very simple to make and still so fun for your kids. The birdhouse with the clock in the middle. The birdhouse has a red and yellow color combination. Attach the birdhouse on the white paper to make this clock has the bird inside. Then you can attach it on the wall or in their playrooms. It can be a fun activity and explore its creativity. 

13. Schedule Clock Idea 


You will love this idea to help your kids track down of their day. This is also perfect for the kindergarten classroom as well. your kids will love to find out what is just coming next. These printable clock gives that thing and gives your kids with the detail and control on what’s coming up.

14. Lovely Clock Idea 


This idea is so lovely and cute where you can hang it on her room. It has some animals attached like a dog, roaster, and cat. She will love it since she is an animal lover. This is also easy to make where you need to attach other details or draw something on it. 

15. Creative DIY Wall Clock 

A clock wall can be your best decoration for any room since it has a double function, as the time control and decoration at the same time. Having the wall clock in your kid’s room can bring more joy and they can join with the making process as well. this idea is creative and simple to make. 

You are able to follow the instructions to make your own cute clock ideas with your kids as well. Even you can carve out your clock in the shape of their favorite characters. Many things you can try and these ideas can be your inspiration.

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