DIY Painting Bathroom Tile

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Painting bathroom tile ideas

If your bathroom is tiled and you feel bores with the color and whatever, maybe you can try painting bathroom tile. If the bathroom tiles are quite outdated and make you tired even lazy to the bathroom you can replace it without having to disassemble the already installed tile. Maybe your bathroom tile just needs a little touch of aesthetic to paint it again. You do not believe? Oh, how can you… there are currently several leading product brands that sell paint supplies following a set of paint and paint liquid should be use painting bathroom tile. If it was supposed to raise the selling rate of your home, you need to know it will not change everything. But if this repainting is supposed to turn something boring into more interesting, this way is very beneficial for you. Beside you can do it yourself, the painting bathroom tile ideas cost required is quite cheap than to disassemble the existing ones and buy new tile, not mentioning the installation cost.

Painting bathroom tile

Stuffs you will need

1.      Tile cleaner that sold in the supermarket.

2.      Waterproof sandpaper at least 800.

3.      Mold killer liquid.

4.      Sponges.

5.      Tile paint.

6.      Brush

7.      Roller brush to paint

8.      Tile coating

9.      Putty (if required)

10.   Grout to fix that has been eroded

11.   Glove and glasses and masker for safety

Painting bathroom tile with chalk paint

First you must fix the damaged grout and caulking tile chipped either because it has been too long sing you installed or you hit it until broken. This step requires some time from putty and grout dry out completely. After all the process is enough you can clean the tile with sandpaper. Maybe you will need sheets of sandpaper, but just do it to the tile surface until it clean and smooth. Do the step correctly because it will determine how long the painting bathroom tile last. After that, wash the tile surface with tile cleaner. Make sure the cleaner has high bleach in it. Do not forget to use glove, glasses, and masker from the beginning to avoid the chemicals in direct contact with your body. After you wash all of them until really clean, let the surface dry. You better wipe the surface in order to dry it more quickly. Those are steps of painting bathroom tile with chalk paint.

The next step is to coat the tile with tile coating. Tile coat is supposed to make the paint stick to the tile. As we all know the tile could not be painted, but with tile coat you can paint the tile as you want. After the entire surface of the tile coated, wipe it gently with sandpaper. Do these two steps 2 or three times. Sandpaper used should be more subtle, at least 1000.

Clean all the dirt and dust after the last step completed. After that you can start painting bathroom tile. Preferably using oil paint or latex based paints because the dry faster, the surface keep smooth, and the scratch resistant. Besides the paint are more durable, especially if used in areas frequently exposed to water. Do not rush to paint it. After painting is completed, give the paint coat to have the good painting bathroom tile quality.

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5 Photos of the DIY Painting Bathroom Tile