Gorgeous Option to Choose for Your Cottage Bathroom Design

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Cottage Bathroom Design is Great design ideas and bath decor inspiration

Cottage bathroom design is often related to cottage style bathroom vanities. Besides, these vanities are often made in a bit rustic design too in order to bring out the cottage style better. If this kind of vanity is the one you are looking for right now, there is actually a really gorgeous example you can check out to consider. This is no other else but the Blue Abbeville Vanity. Just like the name, this cottage vanity is made in blue finish. Even so, it is not just an ordinary finish because it is a blue antique finish.

This great example of country cottage bathroom is completed with front double-door. This door is no other else but the access to the rather large storage compartment inside the bathroom vanity. The combination of a rather small size bathroom vanity as well as this storage it has is something makes the vanity to be considered also as a good option for small cottage bathroom area. One thing to remember is that all this vanity can only be chosen if the color it has is suitable to the color choices in the bathroom. As suggestion, this antique blue color is suitable to be combined with other shades of blue, except the very bright ones, and also white color. Making sure about the compatibility of colors like this will definitely add more decorative value in the cottage style you are trying to build in your bathroom area.

Country cottage bathroom ideas

Other reason that makes the bathroom vanity to be perfect if combined with white is the white color owned by the under mount sink of it. This sink is made from porcelain material which is chosen carefully in order to keep the overall high quality of the bathroom sink. This sink, as well as the overall design of the vanity, is also made perfect by the addition of white marble counter top. Both of the sink and counter top seems to say that this bathroom vanity does not only look rustic but also has a bit of sleek elegant and luxury touch. For you to know, this example of country cottage bathroom ideas is included in the category of under $1,000 quality bathroom vanity. The price of it is now known to be only $525 since this product is not sold on sale. If you want to you can purchase it now when the price is still so low since no one know about whether or not this sale price will last long.

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5 Photos of the Gorgeous Option to Choose for Your Cottage Bathroom Design