25+ Small Coffe Bar Ideas for All Coffee Lovers

Coffe Bar Ideas / Coffe Station Ideas – It seems that coffee lovers have been increased recently. It makes some tools and equipment regarding coffee making are also demanded a lot. Despite tools like coffee machines and brewers, there is one thing that should not be missed out.

They are the coffee bar ideas. In general, a coffee bar looks like a kitchen island and cabinet. Meanwhile, there are some details that are specially intended to make coffee.

So, what are the ideas of coffee bar for home and business? Here they are.

1. Rustic Coffee Bar Ideas for Cafe and Restaurant

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For a business like cafe and restaurant, the coffee bar to prepare should have a unique concept. Of course, the concept should be in line to the cafe or restaurant’s concept, in general. for example, the cafe bar applies the rustic idea. Wood becomes the main materials to use here. It maintains the natural color and fiber pattern. When it looks dull, the bar even looks more beautiful and stunning.

2. A Modern-Classic Coffee Bar Idea in White

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If the coffee bar is to be placed at home, sure, the design and concept should be in line with the home interior, or at least, kitchen. To give a clean and minimalist vibe, certain neutral colors are recommended. Well, white is one of them. Just like the kitchen island, you can apply marble and ceramic as the top. Besides, there are drawers and slots for the coffee utensils.

3. A Modern Coffee Bar from Wood with the Blackboard Backsplash

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Again, this is the idea for restaurant or coffee. Sure, it is seen mainly for the blackboard applied as the backsplash. With the blackboard, you can create a certain font art or write the menu there. Coffee machines can be put on the table. Besides, there should also be some pieces of hanger to hang coffee cups and other types of kitchenware. Sure, you can add chairs around the table.

4. Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for the Coffee Bar

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A coffee bar is not always in the form of a kitchen island or table. It can also be put on the wall in the form of a hanging cabinet. Sure, it should not stand alone. You still need to prepare a table there. Although you need to buy them separately, generally, the prices of both tend to be cheaper. The cabinet chosen should also be functional. Not only is it to store the ingredients but also to hand the coffee cups.

5. Vintage Coffee Bar Ideas with Shelves and Storages

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For both home necessity and business, this idea is really appropriate. There are some pieces included indeed starting from a table, shelves, and storages. With a set of a table and cabinets, you can put and keep many things there. There are places for coffee beans and powder. Meanwhile, tools and equipment like coffee machines and cups are also kept in the slots.

6. A Metal Coffee Bar and Storage in Grey

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Not all coffee bars are designed in a big size. Some of them are small and compact enough to keep only some important coffee utensils. This idea is very good for home or kitchen. Besides, you can also apply this one for small business around the field of coffee. Make sure that there is a hanger for cups. This way, the area tends to be neat and clean.

7. A Retro-Style Coffee Bar Idea in Pastels

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Although coffee is closely related to adult and maturity, it doesn’t mean you cannot apply something cute and sweet there. Yes, the cuteness can also be applied through pastel colors on the cabinets and shelves. Some ornaments and letters with classic font are also great to be there. So, if you want something different in your coffee bar, the pastel-retro style is the best choice.

8. A Modern Coffee Bar with Minimalist Cabinet and Wicker Baskets

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Modern interior decoration is closely related to the minimalism. Sure, for a modern coffee bar, it means that the furniture applied should be in the minimalist design as well. The bar should not be too big and it can be simply placed in the corner. Meanwhile, for keeping the items and ingredients, it is possible to use wicker baskets placed on the slots available.

9. Dull-Metallic Coffee Bar for a Rustic and Classic Interior

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Since many furniture types for the coffee bar are made from wood, you can make it more unique by applying the metallic coffee bar. This idea is great for vintage and retro designs. It is no matter if the surface is dull since it makes the design look more unique and beautiful. It fits well with other types of furniture including wooden cabinets and tables.

10. Another Retro Coffee Bar with Drawers in White

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There are not only 2 or 3 retro ideas to be applied at home. Many other ideas can be applied including this one. The application of dull and old cabinets is very good here. It is not bad to have neutral colors like white, ivory, or beige. Then, place the coffee bar in a room with striking painting colors like yellow or orange. Not to forget, some other retro ornaments are placed on the wall.

11. Old-Fashioned Coffee Bars in Blue in a Classic Kitchen

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You can actually recycle your grandma’s cabinet for a good-looking coffee cabinet and bar. If the paint has been peeled off, repaint it using a certain color idea like blue or green. Mainly if the kitchen or room where the cabinet will be placed has been full of neutral color, the striking paint is more recommended. Add some shelves on the wall to beautify the atmosphere more.

12. Coffee Color for the Coffee Bar Idea

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There are many beautiful colors to be applied to a coffee bar. One of them is the color of coffee itself. It is around brown whether dark or light. Some black accents as the details are also recommended to be placed on some areas. Not too forget, you should prepare also utensils and machines with the same color ideas.

13. A Small Coffee Table in White for Kitchen

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Your kitchen is probably not really big while you need to put some kinds of furniture there. The solution is by applying small-sized furniture including the table for coffee or coffee bar. Make sure to have a small table with some drawers and slots there. Choose also light color like white to avoid the kitchen looking too stuffy, crowded, and not comfortable.

14. A Small and Simple Coffee Bar on the Corner

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If the space is too limited and even you cannot place the coffee bar in the kitchen, you can actually put on a certain corner at home. Sure, the bar should be small enough so that it doesn’t take space too much. The most important thing is that the bar is able to load all important things including the machines, cups, and ingredients.

15. A Minimalist Coffee Bar with Natural Design

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Maintaining the natural wooden color is another idea you can apply for the coffee bar. Then, aside from putting tools and equipment like coffee machines and supplies, some houseplants can be added. You can put some vases with flowers and green leaves. Your home or coffee store, in general, may feel more refreshing and relaxing with them.

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