Cheap yet good quality Unfinished bathroom Vanity

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Best quality 30 inch unfinished bathroom Vanity

Consider the 30 inch unfinished bathroom vanity as your next furniture in your bathroom. Decorate a house spend a lot of time and money, especially if your design consist of detail in every corner, Plus the furniture that should be matched with the atmosphere and support the theme in every room. Pick some furniture should become tricky since the price that offered in the market is expensive. Let see one room in the house, bathroom. This room is wet and the furniture should be water resist and durable in wet condition. Metal bathroom furniture is expensive but it is durable in wet condition, and if you buy the cheap one there is possibility that furniture will get rusty. The most wise choice in order to get best furniture that have cheaper price is by get wooden furniture since some wood are durable with wet condition especially if the wooden furniture was finished with water resist coat. The good news is there are like 30 inch unfinished bathroom vanity on the market sells less than $200.

30 inch unfinished bathroom vanity cabinets

Don’t worry about the design, it is manufactured in a best cut that make the draw could slide in and out perfectly. But since it is an unfinished product, you may need to finish it by your own. This is the advantage at the other side, feel free to paint it in any color you desire, install the any shape and type of sink you like. And you may get best vanity in a cheap way. The doors are made from 3/4 inch and 2” hardwood, assembled with tendon joint and mortis for all four corners, the door rail is machined to get 1/4 inch veneer panel, the edge is matched with the door.

So, there should be no dizzy after you know there are wide ranges of choice in design the bathroom. Pick one of vanity and install niche on the wall, play with lighting by add some light on the niche, put something on the windows, arrange the amenities as well in order to give the bathroom a bigger space. Install some mirror or a biggest one you can get, it will manipulated the feeling and you may feel in the larger place than the real one. Decorate a bath room does not need to spend lot of money, buy 30 inch unfinished bathroom vanity cabinets and do it by your own from scratch is fun and the result should be acceptable by yourself.

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5 Photos of the Cheap yet good quality Unfinished bathroom Vanity