25+ Stylish Bookshelf Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Bookshelf Ideas | Bookshelves – Each house needs at least one bookshelf in their home to display anything from books to photo frames as well.

if you looking for the first bookshelving piece – or you just need to add a new one into your collections, then there are many things to know first, since there are so many options in the market so that you may get trouble to decide the best one for your home.

This is something that you have to know before go shopping and explore the bookcases. This is also a big decorating decision which can affect the appeal of your home and give it with a completely new look. You can check some ideas below. 

1. Unique Wood Bookshelf 

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This bookshelf is so unique and simple which can complement any room inside your home. When you are not interesting to the bulk bookshelf, then it can be your best answer. It so simple and still unique where you can put your books, pot, and other decorative items. So it kind of the display shelf as well. You just need to arrange your stuff nicely/ 

2. Wall Mounted Bookshelf 

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If you do not have a space to put your bulk bookcase, then it can be your best idea. You only need to attach this wall bookshelf near to the ceiling and does not take a lot of space inside your room. To get your books, you can use the stairs which add a more aesthetic point of your room. The bookshelf, wall, and ceiling come in the plain white scheme. Means that white scheme will complement any decorative items inside this room. 

3. Wire Hanger for Your Book Collections

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This is very unique and simple when you do not have any big space to display and keep your books. The best things in life were almost free. Some of them can be used to spice up your home and get a bit more. so, you are also able to use your old wire hangers for these DIY projects. It gives you a unique look and saves up more space. You need to hang them like a chain. 

4. Chich Wooden Bookshelf

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This wooden shelf has an innovative design with artistic geometry as the perfect way to save up more your space and decorate your home at the same time. So, a beautiful bookshelf can be your best partner for your books. Even you can use it to save CDs, books and both shelving and display function in your space. It is also so easy to install and this standing shelf can be your best idea as well. 

5. Corner Bookshelf

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There are many homes have the one strange corner in their rooms. A corner part is too small for your dresser and chair, but it feels awkward fir you left it empty. If you have the pop op corner space in your head and you know what we just talking about – it’s the right time to address this issue with the corner shelf for your books. This idea will fill up your room and add the storage space at one movement. There are so many creative corner shelves that you can use. 

6. Store Your Books Along the Railing

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One that each book lover know is that you will never have too many books, but you run out a space to keep them. there are many great ways to display your collections and allow you to get more books into your private library/ Your books will always in there to catch you when you are falling down. 

7. Unique Wooden Bookcases

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It looks pretty old and bulky at first glance, but you will see the unique touch in this idea. There are many ways to display tour books in a stunning way. Of course, displaying your books are so fun with the different layout. You can place it in your living room or your private library. 

8. Plain Bookshelf

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This is a perfect idea for your awkward corner where you can put anything on it. You need a big wood of tree as the base in the middle and the base holders for your books. It has unique look like you are just in the out space. 

9. Longwall Bookshelf

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This idea is perfect for you who want to save up more space and something different in their room. This is actually a simple idea, ensure that you measure the length of your space and get it based on its measurement. You can get your book and reading it on the floor facing this cool bookshelf. Even it can store so many books that you have. 

10. Unique Square Shelf

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If you just bored with the ordinary bookshelf and looking for something simple, then it can be your best option. You can hang it on the wall in your living room, bedroom or other spaces. However, this bookshelf only stores a few books. So, you might put your magazines here. 

11. Rustic Charm for Your Room

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If you working so well with the unique bookshelf, then this industry-stye will add more rustic nuance in your bookshelf. You have to match the decoration and book choice on this shelf. You can add more colors throughout the photographs and decorative items in your home decor. 

12. The Simple Base for Bookshelf

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This is something that you need in your room where you always working with some books. Of course, this idea does not store many books, however, it is pretty nice to hang it close to your working desk or drawer. It lights up the decoration with a simple touch. 

13. A Permanent Reading Space

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In this point, you need to follow step-by-step instruction to make this custom bookshelf and reading space inside your home. you can build yo the shelves up to the ceiling and around the window seat to get back one side of your space. Ensure that you get a cozy place as much as you can. 

14. Modern Bookshelf

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If you love more aesthetic touch in your working desk, then this idea is perfect for you. Ur has a unique shape that complements your white wall shows that it complements your white walls. It can be a part of your home interior. 

15. Wall Box for Shelf

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This idea has the same tone as the surround decoration inside your space. You can make this room feels chic and cozy. You just need to decor your corner part with the desk under it. It can be your best corner room idea. 

So, one of the basic consideration that you have to know is what size you want to go. It depends on several factors like how much space you have in your space. If there is an open space, then you can consider the bookshelf which measures a few feet across. Finally, your bookshelf should reflect your home and style.

You can combine and match the decor tips to make it works on your space, you add other personalized home accent items as you wish. Whether you want to re-arranging the bookcase from the beginning, these ideas can help you to reimagine any room inside your home. There are many ways to do it.

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