Best Quality Mirrored Bathroom Vanity in Better Price at Chans Furniture

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Best Quality Mirrored Bathroom Vanity

Looking for the best quality mirrored bathroom vanity, which is in fact also a perfect choice for small or modern interior design, the ones offered in the official store of Chans Furniture can be good choices to think about. In simple words, the bathroom vanities sold here is made with quality. It is proven by the use of high quality materials in these. Besides, the price applied to these bathroom vanities is not as high as the price applied in other stores with similar product.

Let us take a look at the 36” All Mirrored Ashley Bathroom Sink Vanity can be found in the store of Chans Furniture. Unlike any ordinary mirrored bathroom vanity, this one is made to be special in many parts. The most significant one is no other else but the design applied to it. It looks gorgeous with the curvy drawers at the front, which are also usable as extra storages in bathroom area.

There are three drawers available in this vanity. Even so, it seems the very top one is only a kind of accent because it is not functional. The counter top of this vanity is made from white marble and the sink is made from high quality white porcelain material. Originally, this pretty bathroom vanity is sold for about $1,395. Even so, there is no need to worry because now it seems to be sold in way lower price, which is no other else but its sale price. The price is about $848.

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Other example can be checked out from the product of mirrored bathroom vanity cabinets available in Chans Furniture is the 36” Aston Vessel Sink Bath Vanity. Compared to the previous example, this has a more interesting design because the sink is visible at the top of the white marble counter it has and it looks like a big glass bowl.

This makes the design of this vanity to be the most prominent point. One thing found to be quite unfortunate in this bathroom vanity is the very small two drawers which seem to be usable only to add small extra storages to the bathroom in which it is placed. For the price, this bathroom vanity is now sold in a sale price which is quite low. It is only for approximately $595. This makes the vanity perfect to be included in the category of budget bathroom vanity as well for small and modern bathroom designs.

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