Bathroom Vanity Cabinets without Tops: Choices for Modern and Classic Theme

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Natural and Classic Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Choice

When it comes to bathroom vanity cabinets, normally, your assumption will also drive your mind to imagine about vanities and sinks which are combined into one. However, you should not always think that way. The vanities of your bathroom can be provided in various styles. Sometimes you do not see any tops on the vanities. You can take the example of bathroom vanity cabinets without tops. So, what is the function of such vanity? Well, basically, it is only for you to store your stuffs in the bathroom. Thus, you can store your soap supplies, your toothbrush, and the equipment you use to clean your bathroom. But, even though the function seems so simple, by considering that the vanity will also become the part of your bathroom decoration, you should not make your choice ineptly. Here are some ideas for you to make the right bathroom vanity choice.

If you are into natural thing and coincidentally you have designed your bathroom in rather natural theme, you should choose this following bathroom vanity cabinet. FEBO 60 inch Double Bowl Vanity Cabinet Only in Classic Cherry can become your choice among the other possible bathroom vanity cabinets without tops that you can find out there. Yes, there is no top installed on the vanity. All you can find is the cabinets to let you store your stuffs. And like what has been stated before, this vanity is really suitable for you who are keen on rather natural theme. This vanity cabinet is made in classic design and all of the materials are made of hard wood. That is why even though you place this vanity in the bathroom, by considering the materials, you should not worry about the durability of this vanity cabinet. It will surely remain great and it is also durable. If you want to get this bathroom vanity cabinet, you need to spend about $600.

Bathroom vanity cabinets without tops

What if you are more interested in more modern and simpler thing? Foremost bathroom vanity cabinets without tops in White should become the top choice of yours. With a glance you can see its modernity and simplicity. The design of the bathroom vanity cabinet seems to be so modern and awesome. With its white color, you will never be disappointed whenever you have got the vanity cabinet in your bathroom. And by considering the size, this kind of bathroom vanity cabinets without tops is so suitable for your small and medium bathroom. As for the price, you should spend about $439.

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