Which Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas Works For Your Bathroom?

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Bathroom floor tile types

Even though there are plenty of choices for bathroom floor tile, it does not necessarily have to be a tasking and exhausting decision making process to make, as knowing each pros and cons for each of the choice could aid you in making up your mind on one option faster and better. Although all of them equally works in making your bathroom look more appealing, but there are available in many numbers of material, so slight differences in quality is something that needs to be expected. Porcelain, vinyl, and ceramic material tiles are among the names that come up first in mind when we are talking about the ideas for bathroom floor tile, and of course, they are popular for good reasons too. Not only those three are the most practical, but they are also known their charm and appeal. However, this does not mean you can’t consider other options such as cork tiles, or even wood tiles, and up to glass and stone tiles. This article will explain some of the types of bathroom floor tile that you might want to consider. Hope this helps!

First, we are going to explain about some popular choices for bathroom tiles. The first candidate is the vinyl tiles, which is considered as one of the most popular and most-sought bathroom tiles for many homeowners. They are well-known for their relatively low-cost and its high-quality for practicality matters. Furthermore, vinyl bathroom tiles are suitable for basically every bathroom in the house, from the powder room up to the master bath. From many aspects, this choice is relatively more superior in comparison to other types. It beats other in the aspects of durability, comfort, safety, and prices.

In addition, vinyl tiles have gone through so much development to increase the ease of its installation as well as its aesthetic appeal. The material used for this type of bathroom flooring is self-adhesive and therefore made it easier to install it. Furthermore, they could also be cut easily with utility knife, which is quite convenient. Other popular types in bathroom tiles include ceramic and porcelain tiles, which is excellent in its beauty, intricate patterns, as well as colours. Not only that, but ceramic also easy to be maintained, and porcelain tiles are really durable in its construction. However, ceramics might not be as easy as vinyl when it comes to installation, however it is still something which is worth consideration as they are really appealing in looks and can be extremely durable as well as safe too.

Installing bathroom floor tile

Other types of penny for installing bathroom floor tile that are also worth consideration are the plastic laminate tiles, the stone tiles, and the wooden ones. Plastic laminates are great for remodelling purpose, it is durable and easy to be cleaned too. However, laminate tiles does not come in as much variety as the vinyl or ceramic ones, so that is something worth keeping in mind. Meanwhile, stone tiles are great for their looks, but needs more maintenance and the prices might vary. Wooden floor tiles might be great for its rustic look, but it requires a high maintenance and it is easily stain one a drip of water manage to penetrates its surface’s finish. There are plenty other bathroom floor tile ideas, but these are some of the most chosen ones.

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