The Bath Outlet for Best Choices of High End Dual Sink Vanity

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If you want to design your bathroom exceptionally by choosing high end dual sink vanity, there is in fact a store name you have to know. The name meant here is no other else but The Bath Outlet. In simple words, this store is the one popular because of the large collections of luxury bathroom accessories, including also the type of vanity we are talking about here. In this case, let us talk about a product named Iotti Fly 56 Inch Dual Bathroom Vanity Set and the plus points that makes it such a good recommendation for you in adding higher end values in your bathroom areas.

As the name of it, this dual sink vanity is sold in set. Every set of it contain of a vanity cabinet with two functional drawers as storage, dual sink made of high quality ceramic material in white color, and also lighted mirror. The vanity cabinet itself made of a really special material, which is engineered wood and it is already completed with waterproof panels in order to increase the level of durability it has. The color options available for it are white and also black. Both of those colors are made to be glossy in order to add more stylish and elegance value of the bathroom furniture. Among all of this, the most significant value found in the design of this cabinet vanity is the fact that it is created very exclusively by an Italian designer, Iotti. This adds a significant prestige value which finally makes the product to be a high end product.

Bathroom Dual Sink Vanity

Such a prestigious item like this dual sink vanity is so reasonable to be priced quite highly. The good news is the price already includes a 5 years warranty in order to give you more peace of mind in using this expensive stuff in your bathroom area. Besides, you will also be able to get a free shipping benefit when you purchase this product in the official store of The Bathroom Outlet or Amazon. Unfortunately, the high price applied to this product does not include the faucets needed so you have to purchase these separately. Even this will cost you more, away from the unavailability of included faucets, this bathroom dual sink vanity is still a good option to consider for high end products to make your bathroom area to be an even better and more exclusive place to clean up.

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