46 Inch Cottage Look Abbeville Vanity for Your Very Own Cottage Bathroom

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46 inch cottage style unfinished bathroom vanities

Building a great cottage atmosphere in your very own bathroom can be done so easily if you consider unfinished bathroom vanities instead of the finished one. Of course, you should make sure also that the bathroom vanities you take as options are made in cottage design. If this kind of vanity is the one you are looking right now, why do not you check out 46 Inch Cottage Look Abbeville Vanity? This bathroom vanity is simply perfect for medium to large bathroom size. The most important of all, it is made in unfinished cottage style in light brown color with a bit combination of white at the top.

The size of this example of perfect cottage unfinished bathroom vanities is not small. The fact is it is quite big and therefore it is not suitable to place in a small bathroom. If you find this rather big size to be a kind of problem in this product, you should definitely try to see it positively. The big size of the vanity allows it to have a lot of extra storages in the design. It is counted this bathroom vanity has 8 small drawers 4 in each side, one bigger drawer at the upper center, and also one cabinet with cottage design at the lower part. Well, that is a lot of extra storage actually.

Unfinished bathroom vanities 46 inches

Placing the vanity in your bathroom area will make you never need any other storage anymore actually. For you to know, the design in the inside of this bathroom vanity is already completed with back panel pre-cut opening which is beneficial for plumbing. This way, you do not need to cut the hole on your own which definitely will be troublesome.

Just in case if you are curious about this unfinished bathroom vanities 46 inches example, this one is completed with an under-mount sink at the top and it is made from genuine porcelain material. Since it is a single sink, it has extra empty surface left in each side so you can use it to place come items, including also decoration to make the cottage atmosphere in the bathroom stronger. If you want the bathroom vanity to look even better, you can also add some accessories, such as backsplash and also matching mirror which are in fact sold separately. For the bathroom vanity itself, the price applied to it is about $725 now and this is the price of it at Amazon.

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5 Photos of the 46 Inch Cottage Look Abbeville Vanity for Your Very Own Cottage Bathroom