42 Inch Bathroom Vanity Alternatives for Small and Medium Bathroom

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Bosconi T-3608 Single 42 inch bathroom vanity

To have a small bathroom is totally annoying. Why is it like that? Well, as you notice, there is barely any space for you to put your stuffs. In fact, the bathroom should be able to become the place for you to get some relaxation and sanctuary. If the size is not really that big, how can you expect the comfort there? If you have such bathroom, actually, you need to do something. I don’t recommend you to remodel the bathroom so the size can be bigger because it will surely demand you to spend a lot of money. What I suggest to you is to be smart.

You need to effectively use the available space in order to make sure the condition in the bathroom can be more comfortable. Take the example of how it might sound impossible for you to place some regular vanities in the bathroom. But, it does not mean that the chance for you to have vanities has become zero. You can use the compact and small vanities like 42 inch bathroom vanity.

This kind of vanity is small but it is still functional. Thus, you can expect it can give more comfort to your bathroom for sure. And here, I will provide some recommendations of that bathroom vanity. Perhaps, some of the recommendations can attract you.

The first alternative for 42 inch bathroom vanity is Bosconi T-3608 Single Vanity. If you have small bathroom, this kind of vanity might sound like the best choice. You can see the size will fit in your bathroom quite properly even though it is also good for the medium or even the big bathroom. The design of this bathroom vanity is so stunning. It has traditional theme since it is made of wood combined with marble. Therefore, you can expect that the design of the vanity can boost the elegance and luxurious feeling of your bathroom. And since it has only a single vanity, you can find that actually the design is really compact. Underneath the vanity, you can find some storage spaces to let you store your bathroom stuffs. What a great choice indeed.

Bosconi Single 42 inch bathroom vanity top T-3687

Second, we still have the vanity from Bosconi but it comes from different type. Bosconi T-3687 single 42 inch bathroom vanity top is the next choice. It seems that Bosconi is the leading producer when it comes to the traditional and luxurious-looking vanity. The design is similar to the vanity mentioned before. However, the shape is rectangular. It is totally possible for you to place the vanity in the corner of the bathroom. Don’t you think it will help you to save more space? And the price is totally reasonable. You need to spend about $1,055 for such bathroom vanity.

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5 Photos of the 42 Inch Bathroom Vanity Alternatives for Small and Medium Bathroom