Pretty Choice 30 inch bathroom vanities

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Chelsea Collection Vanity by Simpli Home 30 inch bathroom vanities ideas

If right now you are considering some 30 inch bathroom vanities for your white bathroom, the Chelsea Collection Vanity by Simpli Home is a pretty choice you can really consider. The most obvious reason is because this bathroom vanity is white and it is made in 30-inch size. The white color decorates all parts of the vanity. It is not only in the body of the vanity but also on the countertop. This all white color is also found to be perfect for modern bathroom design. This can be even more suitable because the vanity is completed with silver color brushed nickel knobs which also look so modern. In overall, the design of this vanity is the combination between both modern and contemporary design.

Other than the all-white design this example of 30 inch bathroom vanities, of course this vanity has other plus points for you to consider. For example, you can check out the upper part of it, which is no other else but the combination between a vanity top and also an undermount sink. The vanity top is made from white marble material with its natural appearance which actually adds more beauty in the design. On the other hand, the undermount sink is also made from high quality white material, which is no other else but ceramic. The combination of these two white materials does not only add more beauty but also elegance. If seen from design point of view, of course, this is a really great point owned by the vanity. As a small vanity it is completed with a perfect design to make your bathroom area to be even prettier than the one you have before.

30 inch bathroom vanities with drawers

Just like any other 30 inch bathroom vanities with drawers, this Chelsea Collection is also completed with extra storage which is so functional in saving various types of bathroom supplies. The storage found in this is a cabinet with two-door style. Other than that, there is also a drawer. This drawer is quite interesting because it is not a top drawer but bottom drawer. This adds a certain positive values in the overall design of the vanity.

This vanity can be found in the official store of Simpli Home and also in some other stores, including the world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon. There is no clear information about how much the price of this vanity is. Even so, it seems to be priced more than $500s.

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5 Photos of the Pretty Choice 30 inch bathroom vanities