24 Inch Bathroom Vanities Virtue USA Bailey JS-50524: Uniquely Different Small Vanity for Your Bathroom

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Ideas About 24 inch bathroom vanities

When you visit a bathroom supply store, you may get bored about the quite same-looking 24 inch bathroom vanities available there even if the fact you really need one of those. Well, do not get too depressed because there is actually a good choice which might just be right for you. It is Virtue USA Bailey 24” JS-50524. At a glance, this bathroom vanity looks so gorgeous on its all-white color, except for the matching faucet already included in the package which is chrome in color.

This is even a matching mirror cabinet with is perfect to store some medicines or small makeup items in. In simple words, the design of this single bathroom vanity is simply ultra-modern and this is perfect to place in modern white bathroom or other bathroom with other neutral color theme.

Other than all of those, you have to know that there is something very special found in the design of Bailey 24” JS-50524. Unlike any other 24 inch bathroom vanities you usually found in bathroom supply stores, this one has drawers at the lower part. Yes, it is right. Instead of being made with cabinets, or at least the combination of cabinet and drawers just like any other boring bathroom vanities, this product is made with drawers only as a form of extra bathroom storage you can obtain from it.

Instead of looking bad, this small bathroom vanity looks great with this different design. It is unique indeed. The uniqueness of it can also be seen from the drawer handle which is not located at the center of each drawer’s front. It is made from the side to the center of each drawer instead. It seems this design is also the one makes the vanity to be ultra-modern in overall.

24 inch bathroom vanities with drawers

For the details of this example of unique 24 inch bathroom vanities with drawers, the basin at the very top of it is made from polymarble material. This basin looks fascinating because it is made with such a glossy finish which also makes it look quite luxurious and modern. This basin is even more perfect because it is actually also a maintenance-free basin. The last but not least, this 24 inch bathroom vanity can also be said to be an eco-friendly product because it is already completed with a certification of WaterSense. Having this vanity inside your bathroom area then seems like you effortlessly place perfection in there, which is of course good.

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